Monday, November 19, 2007

2 under 2

I am always amazed by how many people are having their children very close in age. I have met two other women at story time who have children 17 months apart (Porgie and Izzy will be 17 months apart too). Both of these women have made it abundantly clear that having 2 children under the age of 2 is HARD. Each week, I watch them tirelessly chase after their toddlers, while simultaneously trying to hush a screaming baby. Honestly, I feel sorry of them.

But I am destined for the same fate as these poor women. I am going to be that crazy woman, lugging around two screaming babies. I am going to be that stressed out woman, with disheveled hair and dirty clothes. I am going to be that pitiful woman, who everyone feels sorry for. Yup, that is going to be me.

Many of my fellow bloggers also have children close in age, like Cagey and Dooney. These woman are much more graceful than me. They rarely complain, and are always optimistic. Although I want to be like these women, I am afraid that my whiny attitude will prevail. I am fairly confident that this blog is going to turn into a place where I come to bitch and moan about how hard my life is. And all of you will roll your eyes and become bored with my incessant whining.

I just wanted to give you a heads up - get ready for the complaints. Of course, I'll try to balance the negativity with adorable baby photos.


Suz said...

HEY!! We're not crazy. And, with the exception of the big patch of baby drool on my shoulder, not that disheveled. You'll get used to it and will be okay.

Suz said...

hahahaha! You are absolutely right, but I wouldn't say it's experience as much as being run over by a steam engine. Complain all you want... I'll be here :-)

Eva said...

But it'll be double the cuteness, double the fun, and you will be a big expert on babies when it's all said and done, so that's something. And when they're out of diapers, you're done with diapers! Unless, you know, there are more babies to come.

Have fun!

Dooneybug said...

Oh honey, don't think for a second that I'm always optimistic!!! :) Let's take for example, today. My lord they are killing me here. We most certainly have our bad days around these parts.

I think, maybe unlike the women you've met at the library, I don't put myself in situations I KNOW will be difficult. Like taking them both to story time at the library? HELLS NO! I was dumb enough to try that once and I proved my theory that it was a bad, bad, bad idea.

My husband's job is predictable enough that he gets home about the same time each day. Often, that's when I take off and leave him with the both of them to go to the grocery store, or whatever else I need to do. And sometimes, once they're in bed, I go to Starbuck's and read a magazine and sip on a coffee (of course while hubby is home on monitor duty).

I really hope you will get these chances as well. My advice is to take them when you can. I know your husband's job is always calling him off but when he is home and available - take some time for yourself!! Getting out by myself - even if it's just to go to the grocery store - re-centers me and reminds me how lucky I am to have such beautiful children (even if they were little devils that day).

Anonymous said...

My mom had 8 kids in a 12 year span.

I don't know *how* she did it, but we all love each other. One of my favorite childhood memories is going food shopping. All 8 kids....2 shopping carts, 1 station wagon. She would give the older kids pictures of the things they were supposed to find. Sort of a grocery scavenger hunt. Of course this was 30 -35 years ago, so there wasn't the pervert-in-the-grocery-store-fear, plus..Mom always said that if anyone was stupid enough to kidnap one of us, they would bring us back & turn themselves in within an hour.

Cagey said...

Wow. I never thought I would see the word "graceful" in the same sentence as my own name. Holy crap!

Ditto on Dooneybug's comments. Seriously.

I do go to story time at the library and it kicks my butt every time. However, other than that, Dooneybug is right - you pick your battles and try not to do things that you know ahead of time will cause stress. I do story time because 1) the kids like it and 2) it is something we do with my friend and her daughter.

You know that statement "don't sweat the small stuff?" I did not understand that until I had the 2nd kid. It is crazy what I am willing to let go of now that I am in the 2 under 2 club. Sweeping? Mopping? Overrated. I would rather snuggle with my kids.

Also, you should feel free to complain away - everyone needs an outlet.

Dooneybug said...

I'll add that I do take Junebug to story time - the one they offer in the evenings (I'm guessing mostly geared to working parents). I just leave Ladybug at home with dad while we go spend special one on one time together. And I want to take Ladybug to a class for her age group but the evening one is currently full and the day one that is open is right during nap time for Junebug. I try to split my time with them both so they get one on one time with me as much as possible.

This mom gig sure is a balancing act! And I think that no matter the age difference in the children, there is always going to be highs and lows. Just relax and try and take it all in stride, you are going to do a great job!!

Eva said...

I've done the 2 under 2 a different way of course, but I agree with Eva. It's definitely more work. Sometimes I'd say more than double (getting 2 to bed maybe), other times, less than double (if you're feeding 1 and they're contained, feeding 2 isn't that much more work). But there's something to be said for them being close in age and having playmates, and there's nothing like when they make each other giggle.

Valley Girl said...

I can completely understand; the kids will have their siblings to play with and share similar experiences with.