Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teenagers are lame

We have three small rooms that are finished off in our basement.  The previous homeowners had 5 children, and they added the rooms to the basement so that each child could have their own room (2 kids on the main level and 3 kids in the basement).  The three oldest kids were in the basement, and they were all annoying teenagers.

Even on a good day, I don't particularly like teenagers.  They are so self-involved and dramatic.  But these kids were even more assholish than the average teenager, because they thought it was a great idea to draw on the walls with permanent markers.  The walls are littered with names and phone numbers and band logos.  When we first moved in, we painted the entire main level of the house (while I was 20 weeks pregnant with Porgie).  We never used the rooms in the basement, so I couldn't muster the courage to tackle those walls.  I just shut the doors and tried to forget about it.  But now, those stupid fucking teenagers are causing me woe.

I applied primer TWICE this weekend.  The red and blue markings still seemed pretty bright, but I figured that the paint would cover it.  I painted the entire room last night.  Of course, the red and blue marker bleed right through the paint.  All that work, and the room still looked like shit.  I went back to Lowe's today and bought a different brand of primer.  After John got home from work, I primed the walls for the THIRD time.  when I finished, I noticed that the entire basement smelled like lighter fluid.  I know that sounds strange, but it really did.  I read the back of the can, and apparently the vapors from the new primer can cause flash fires!  AHHHHHH!   I turned off the furnace, opened the basement window, and proceed to freak out for about 3 hours. I was certain that the furnace was going to explode and kill us all.

The moral of this story is that teenagers are assholes and Kilz primer can kill you.  The end.


amanda said...

please tell me you are joking!?!?! we painted EVERYTHING at our old house with kilz!! for real. all of it. every inch of that house!!


Jessa said...

I think the only hope for those markers was probably sanding, but who wants to sand off marker from teenagers? LOL

antropologa said...

But did it get rid of the markers???

You could always be Swedish and wallpaper. You would be good at it!

Anth said...

Super annoying. The older I get, the less patience I have with teenagers. Obviously this doesn't bode well for my poor children, who will reach their teens right about the time my patience evaporates completely.

Chris said...

Yikes! And it's conveniently called Kilz. Nice.

Lainey-Paney said...

Kilz primer kilz! Love it!

But, I would have totally freaked out, just like you.

So, um....are you painting the rooms b/c you're ready to move your kids to the basement now, too!???