Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More of the same

I finally finished painting all three rooms in the basement.  I even painted the doors!  I have to admit, they are looking a million times better.  Next John is putting up the molding.  He has never really done trim work before, so I am interested to see how it goes.  Despite all my bitching and moaning, I truly think that this project is going to be worth all the work and money.  We are going to have three extra rooms to use in our tiny house, and we desperately need that extra space.

I think Porgie and Izzy are going to love the new playroom.  Really, just the novelty of getting to go down into the basement is enough to satisfy them.  John's office will probably still look like shit, because he is chronically disorganized.  The guestroom is going to be nice.  I am currently shopping for wall art to spruce up the space.  I briefly considered a slip cover for the sleeper sofa, but decided that they were too expensive. John and I bought that couch used when we first moved in together.  The damn slip cover costs more than we paid for the sofa!

The carpet is supposed to be installed this weekend.  We still have some more work to do before everything is done (drop ceiling, recessed lights, etc.), but I am so eager to get the new carpet and just be done already!  I am counting down the days until I can sit my lazy ass on the couch at night again.


amanda said...

yay for it all starting to come together!! soooo exciting friend! and i am 100% sure you won't regret the new space - the kids are going to love it!!

can't wait for pics too!!

May said...

Waiting for the pictures,,, Yayyyyy

Ure awesome by the way.... Your husband is lucky to have you.

Jenny said...

Awesome! sounds like you guys are coming along after all the carpet madness!

allyk said...

What a good feeling it will be when it's all done. Post pics for us.

antropologa said...

I am super-impressed by your industriousness!