Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I can talk about other things too

Sorry about all the bitching.  This basement project has consumed my life.  Yesterday John and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary by fighting about that damn basement all afternoon.  But, things are actually moving along again.  We picked out the carpet (for the second time).  John is partly finished with the electrical work, and someone is coming out Thursday to replace the glass in the basement windows.  If we can just stop the money hemorrhage, things would be awesome.

But you know, I have other things going on in my life too.  I have all these adorable little kids who I can also talk about, so let's do that today!

Porgie has transformed into a big kid.  She is tall and smart and so self-sufficient.   All I have to do is cook her food, and she can do everything else for herself.  It is amazing!  But then sometimes it makes me sad too.  She is growing up so damn fast.

Izzy is my little hellion.  The kid is wild and crazy.  If there is trouble in the house, you can be sure it was Izzy's idea.  He is a little rascal, but he is also very insecure.  He worries and frets about all these silly issues, that would be trivial to anyone else.  Sometimes I find myself worrying about all of his worrying.  He gets it honest.

Guppy is adorable and snugly and mischievous.  He still loves throwing food.  I bought him some suction cup bowls to stop this behavior, but of course, that didn't help at all.  He manages to pull the bowl off his tray, then he dumps out the food onto his tray, next he chucks the bowl across the kitchen, and finally, he throws the food on the floor too.  It is exhausting.  I have concluded that if I want him to eat, I will be spoon feeding him until he is at least 24. 

They are awesome little people.  I am so lucky to have them!


allyk said...

OMG, they are so big and gorgeous! The time goes too fast.

Christy said...

Beautiful family! Good luck with all the reno's!!! xx

amanda said...

first of all happy anniversary!!

and second of all - when did your babies grow up? seriously friend they are sooo darn big!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!