Sunday, January 13, 2013

I love talking about my basement

The basement improvement project continues.  It keeps getting more and more complicated.  The room that was originally going to be the playroom, is now going to be John's office.  The electrical panel was located in the closet, so we decided that it would make more sense to make that room a grown-ups only space.  So, now we are in the process of moving everything out of John's current office (the future playroom) so that I can paint.  This room also has permanent marker on the walls.  Tune back next week to hear me bitch and complain!

Improving the basement is a lot like moving.  We have been going through all our stuff and purging all of the clutter.  Clearing out a room takes like 5 hours.  It is painstakingly slow.  The good news is that my van is loaded up with Goodwill donations.  That makes me feel very happy!  I love decluttering.

I also decided to give away my childhood furniture.  It was a white and gold canopy bed with a matching dresser.  I held onto that furniture for so long, because I wanted to paint it and give it to Porgie.  When we pulled it out of storage, I realized that the bed was in bad shape.  The frame was wobbly and loose.  Also the original paint was chipping and peeling.   Then, John and I accidentally cracked a leg on the dresser when we were moving it.  So, I listed it for free on Craigslist and sat it on the curb.  The dresser went quickly, and then someone took all the metal parts of the bed.  All that is left is the headboard and the footboard.  I am kind of sad that no little girl will get to enjoy that canopy bed. 

I am excited about all of the progress!  I think John is fed up with all of my demands, but I really want to get this shit done.  If we don't keep on top of this thing, it has the potential to take FOREVER to complete.


amanda said...

so proud of you friend!

i love that de-cluttering feeling!!

antropologa said...

Awww, too bad about the bed. Nothing lasts forever.

Good luck with the project! Our basement improvement project is on hold.