Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vegan Lemon Bars and whatnot

These lemon bars are sooooo delicious. They are time consuming and a pain in the ass to make, but they taste like little pieces of heaven right here on Earth.

The weather has been amazing lately. The temperature has been slowly creeping up the thermometer, melting all this nasty snow. AND it is supposed to be 65 degrees on Friday. You have no idea how excited I am . We are going to play outside ALL day.

I think I may have talked my husband into doing a little renovation project in the kitchen. Last night while bitching about doing the dishes, I proposed that we replace our counter top, purchase a smaller sink, and add a dishwasher. With the way our kitchen is currently arranged, the large double sink hinders our ability to add a dishwasher. The amazing part is that John actually wants to go to Lowes to price the supplies.

I watched the documentary Waiting for "Superman" last night. It was a depressing film on the state of education in America. I actually grew up in a crappy neighborhood, with "failing" schools (according to the state test scores). And despite what many people on the film stated, I didn't feel cheated or robbed of my education. I graduated from a school in the ghetto, and I feel like I received a great education. I am just as smart as you. But I can also see how the system has failed others. Both of my brothers went to the same schools that I attended and both dropped out. My brothers are currently unemployed and living with my mother. Obviously something went wrong. Or maybe we place too much emphasis on the schools and not enough emphasis on the parents. I definitely think my mother's behavior directly impacted my brothers' education.

I got Izzy's hair cut yesterday. He always looks so handsome right after a haircut. The best part was that I had a coupon for $4.99. Is that a cheap haircut or what?


Clare said...

yummm to the lemon bars, and that is exciting about the dishwasher:_)

amanda said...

is it sad that i don't even want to watch that movie bc i know it's going to depress me?

thank goodness for lemon bars...

misguided mommy said...