Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Since when did toilet paper become fascinating?

I was making dinner. My kids were being eerily quiet. This should have been my clue. Suddenly Izzy ran into the kitchen buck naked and asked for more flushable wipes. Since my son does not wipe his own ass, I knew this meant trouble. We walked back to the bathroom together, where I was greeted with an overflowing toilet and an empty container of flushable wipes.

Trying to remain calm, I took Izzy to the changing table to finish wiping him (obviously I couldn't put anything in the toilet). But his butt was clean. I said, "Izzy, did you poop in the toliet?" He responded with, "No." WHAT? I wanted to scream. I said, "Then why did you put all those wipes in the toilet?" My child stared at me with a blank expression.

I returned to the stove and turned the food off, and then I made my way back to the bathroom. I plunged the damn toilet for nearly 30 minutes. NOTHING HAPPENED. I don't know if you remember, but we only have one bathroom. I started to panic. I called John at work to ask if he wanted me to call a plumber. John said no and that he would be home soon.

Thirty minutes later my husband arrived home to snake the toilet. He retrieve a HUGE wad of flushable wipes. We both scolded Izzy and told him how upset we were. However within the hour, my little boy was in the bathroom playing with the roll of toilet paper. According to him, he was merely blowing his nose. Yeah right!

So, we had to lock Izzy out of the bathroom. That is right - my son now has to ask for permission to get into the bathroom. There is never a dull moment around here. NEVER.


Jenny said...

Boys! They are always up to something!

Antropóloga said...

Hope he moves on to a new interest soon!

allykat said...

I had a very similar thing happen when my 6 year old wiped himself with wipes. Four of them went into our 'clogs easily' toilet. Took me almost and hour to no avail. My husband managed and then told me how make a snake out of a coat hanger. My kid is not allowed to wipe his own ass now!

misguided mommy said...

i have a septic. that means when the kids do this at my house it backs up and shit comes flying up the drain into my showers I WIN

amanda said...

oh i don't even know what i would have done.

so sorry mama.