Monday, February 7, 2011

Breaking out of my trance

I go through periods where I sit around the house, doing nothing productive for months on end. Then one morning I wake up and want to get something done. I have entered a "let's get some shit done around here" phase.

My birthday is this weekend, and I have decreed that I would like John to paint Porgie's room as my present. I painted all the interior doors, the livingroom, the dinning room, the hallway, and the bathroom within the last two year. It is John's turn. Actually, he was the one who originally painted Porgie's room (and he didn't do a very good job). There are thin spots EVERYWHERE, because apparently my husband does not believe in second coats. I am actually making this really easy on him, because I want her room to be painted the same exact color. However, I want an eggshell finish (it is currently a flat paint - which has greasy finger prints everywhere) and I don't want any thin spots. Since this is my gift, I intend to inspect his work and give feedback where needed. It should be fun (NOT).

I am also sick and tired of our coat closet. Shoes are everywhere. We have a shoe hanger thingie, but it filled up so fast, that the rest of the shoes just got thrown on the closet floor. I am investing in shoe hangers for Porgie and Izzy's closets. I am going to get this shoe situation under control if it is the last thing I do!

And the final item on my list is light fixtures. I want ceiling fans installed in both kids rooms. Then, I want the light fixture from Porgie's room to replace our current bathroom light fixture. And finally, I want vanity lights install over our bathroom mirror.

Every single item on my list is going to cost money, which really sucks for a family trying to pay down debt and live frugally. But I am forging ahead with my plans anyways. I want to see some changes around this place!


Jenny said...

Happy early birthday! I am with you, I go through produtive phases a lot!

Clare said...

good luck with all of the home improvements!!

amanda said...

dude i totally forgot we both have birthdays this month!

yay us!