Monday, February 21, 2011

Random things

My son keeps shitting in his underwear. I have no idea why he is has suddenly decided to be an ass. Actually, I do have a theory as to why he is pooping his pants. If my hunch is correct, he wants to wipe his own butt. After the THIRD pooping incident, I explained that he could wipe his own butt ONLY IF he pooped on the potty. Sometimes I think my son's sole mission in life is to drive me INSANE.

It was sunny and beautiful last week. All of the snow melted, we played outside, and I started thinking about what I want to plant in our garden this year. And then mother nature bitch slapped me with snow. That is right, it is fucking snowing right now. I want to cry.

My daughter is currently obsessed with the PBS show Super Why! She just can't seem to get enough. She calls herself Princess Pea, and she calls her brother Whyatt. She begs me to turn the show on every afternoon. Then she begs me to let her watch it on Netflix. It is a sickness.

I have been eating way too much junk lately. Ugh. It started with my birthday. John got me one of those HUGE cookie cakes. Then I got a pound of butter creams for Valentine's day. Then I made those delicious lemon bars I posted about last week (in my defense, we had a bunch of lemons that were getting ready to go bad). And last Friday a good friend of mine baked me peanut butter brownies (a belated birthday gift). I have be eating all of this junk on a daily basis, and I can't stop. I have no will power when it comes to sweets.

To balance my gorging on sugar, I bought the ingredients to make salad this week. Surprisingly I am looking forward to munching on veggies. Lets see how long that attitude lasts.


amanda said...

there is chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter right now. i already had a piece after dinner and i sooo want to go get another piece.

damn sugar.

Jenn said...

Brody is still telling me "No Thanks" to using the potty :( for eating's my only little thrill in don't feel bad for eating yummy stuff!

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

Dude, where you at??? Miss you! Hope all is well.

Beth said...

I just found you through StumbleUpon and reading this post made me reach for a box of Depends. Sweet Fancy Moses YOU ARE FUNNY.