Monday, February 14, 2011

Bread woes

As I mentioned several weeks ago, I bought a bread machine off of Craigslist. A very nice woman sold me the machine for a mere $20. And she even gave me the instruction manual, which was packed full of yummy bread recipes. I was super duper excited. I raced home and promptly started baking some bread.

My first loaf turned out okay. It was a little burnt on the sides and was slightly too tall for our sandwiches, but I thought the bread tasted okay. John, on the other hand, was disappointed. He lamented that it didn't taste as good as my regular bread. I rolled my eyes. WHATEVER.

So, I made another batch of bread last night. I decided to use a recipe from the instruction manual, hoping for better results. Unfortunately, the bread was a disaster. For some reason, the entire center caved in. I was pretty pissed.

I am giving the bread machine one more chance. I have printed out a new recipe, which I am going to try this afternoon. If the recipe flops, I think I'll just resale the damn machine on Craigslist.


Christina said...

The ingredients go in in exact order and my sis who has my old machine uses the dough setting and then bakes in a pan in the oven she swears by the machine!

Antropóloga said...

I could never get my bread machine to do right, myself.

amanda said...

i loved my bread machine. it's in my coat closet now. guess i should dig it out huh?

hoping the third loaf is magic!