Sunday, June 27, 2010


Remember the tree that fell in my front yard? Well before it landed on my lawn,the tree was located next to the curb. Apparently trees planted on the curb are the city's responsibility, not the homeowners. So, the city paid to have the tree removed from our lawn! AWESOME. However, the city would not pay to repair our neighbor's fence (the tree belongs to the city, but all the damage the tree causes belongs to the homeowners - how is that fair?). Because the tree was located in front of our house, we volunteered to repair the fence. John was able to do the work himself, and it only cost us about $30 out of pocket. Not too bad. Unfortunately, in our backyard there are some HUGE broken branches dangling 30 feet over our swing-set, so we still have to hire someone to safely dispose of those branches.

In addition to hiring someone to removed the broken branches, we also have to pick out some new trees to plant in the front yard. To replace the huge tree we lost, we are planning to plant three smaller trees. We are thinking of planting two trees on the curb and one tree in the middle of our front yard. With all of these unexpected expenses, we aren't going to be able to afford my fancy shmancy new camera next month. I am sad. After hearing about our misfortune, my mother sent me a new point and shoot camera, which was incredibly nice of her. It is really cheap and takes crappy pictures, but I appreciate her kindness and I intend to use the camera until I can afford something nicer.

This past week has been full of disappointment, but also full of kindness. I am a very lucky girl.


amanda said...

maybe you can take some pretty pictures of your new trees with your new "just for now" camera?

Antropologa said...

Well, that was a nice gesture!

Clare said...

that is awesome that you didn't have to pay to clean up the tree...that can be a lot of money. hopefully everything else will work out!!

Lainey-Paney said...

At least you have a camera to get by until you get what you really want.
And---what great news about the tree & the city removing it, etc. Way to go Hubby on mending the fence himself!
What blessings!