Friday, June 11, 2010

Issues in my life right now

So, my husband won. Porgie's titer test showed that she is immune to Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Chickenpox. She will not be receiving a second dose of the MMR vaccine or the Varicella vaccine. And although I didn't expect to feel so emotional about the results, I have to say that I am tremendously relieved. I can rest easy because she is immune to these potentially deadly diseases, and my husband can rest easy because she won't have to have any unnecessary vaccines. So for the time being, we are all happy. THANK GOD.

My camera is officially dead. There was a tiny little internal battery that my husband thought might be causing the problem. After replacing the battery, my camera still doesn't work correctly. My husband is currently trying to talk me into a Canon Rebel. But the price tag is a little steep. And remember, we are thisclose to paying off our credit card debt. I am not sure that this is a good time to make a big purchase.

We are back on the potty training bandwagon with Porgie. And once again, she is holding in her poop for insanely long periods of time. We are currently on day 4 with no poop in sight. I mentioned this at her 4 year check up, and the doctor once again told me to put her back in a diaper. But I am not really happy with this advice. I mean, the kid is FOUR YEARS OLD. We need to get this show on the road. I am going to try the prune juice route tomorrow. Fortunately, Izzy is still pooping and peeing on the potty like a champ. My good little guy!

My Coca Cola addiction has been getting the better of me lately. I often find myself looking for excuses to go out, just so I can purchase an ice cold Coca Cola Classic. A little piece of heaven, right here on Earth.

It suddenly got very chilly on Monday, so we never made it to the beach. I am keeping my fingers crossed for next weekend. Last weekend we did have the opportunity to go our local swim club for free (it was open house weekend). The kids LOVED it. I inquired about a membership, and they wanted $580 for a family membership! FIVE HUNDRED EIGHTY DOLLARS! thank you swim club. We'll just play with the hose in our back yard.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend:)


amanda said...

so glad you and hubby can both call this one a win, sorry about the camera but you know where i stand, here's to prune juice and you winning the potty training battle, now i want a coke!, five eighty is flat out crazy - i wont tell you what ours was - but you would want to move and be my neighbor. and funny we still think it's to much!

happy, happy weekend :)

Just Jiff said...

Glad you got to avoid the vaccination issue. :)

Canons are awesome and I have a Rebel. I just need to learn how to use it!

I dread potty training. Bayley is only 2, but she's not ready and several kids in her daycare class are potty trained and I'm just not sure I am ready for that fight. I wish you much luck and hope something convinces her to do it. :) I think I may have mentioned this before, but bribing her with a gift (like a princess outfit) for pooping and peeing in the potty for an entire week, she gets the dress. If she gets the dress and stops doing it, then the dress gets taken back. Mean and bribes aren't always the "high road" but it may get the job done. :)

HOLY CRAP on the fee! Yeesh. I would just buy a $30 plastic pool at Target and call it a day.

And I loooove Coke too. The Sonic ones are the best. :)

Jenny said...

our swim club is $600 as well! so ridiculous for a pool that is not even that big!
i am with you on coke...sometimes i just really crave one and need it now!

Midwest Mommy said...

Um that membership is ridiculous! Is that only for one year?

Chris said...

Good luck with the potty training. Definitely a frustrating thing! I don't think I would like the doctor's advice either.... it's hard to know the right thing to do!

Catizhere said...

We just joined a swim club. $561 for a family of 4. We break it down like this...
561 divided by 3 months = 187 per month

187/4 people = 46.75 per person
I think under 50 bucks a month for the memership is semi-reasonable. PLUS, or minus as the case may be; $125 of that goes to capital improvements.

We still have the trailer down the shore (weekend getaway) and the pool for those upcoming hot, sticky, disgusting summer nights.

If you take the kids to the pool a few a week, you'd get your monies worth. IMHO. My kids sleep GREAT after a day playing in the pool.

Antropologa said...


Wow on the pool. Yeah on the hose. ones are great these days, too. And nice and small!

I can't say anything about the coke. I have my own sugar addiction.