Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuff that annoys me about the blog world

Disclaimer: I am not trying to single you out or offend you. This is all in fun, you silly bloggers. But I am sure I am going to piss someone off. Sorry in advance dear friends.

1. I really hate Wordless Wednesday. I am fairly confident that about 95% of bloggers do not know what the word wordless means. How about we rename it Words and Pictures Wednesday?

2. Umm...I kind of hate all of those generic posts - like Thousand Word Thursday or Not me Monday or Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. A theme that pops up occasionally is okay, but not a scheduled weekly post. I know that you do them because they are easy, and not because you really enjoy them. I have a tip that will help you. If you don't feel like writing, DON'T WRITE ANYTHING.

3. Twitter. I hate Twitter. I really don't need a play by play of everything you did last night. Thanks, but no thanks!

4. I am annoyed by people who only tell half of the story. I am nosy! If you start your post with a line like, "My husband and I are getting divorced," I want all of the details! Yes, I know that it is your blog and you can decide the content. But you are still annoying - TELL ME THE WHOLE STORY OR DON'T MENTION IT AT ALL.

5. And finally, I hate the love affair I have with comments. We all know that comments are important, and are part of the reason we blog. But do I have to check my email 573 times per day to look for new comments? It is an obsession. And I hate it.

Okay I am done - for now. Feel free to leave a comment telling me how annoying I am:)


Mary said...

I a in complete agreement with you (especially on twitter-hate that).

Danielle said...

I love twitter! I love to know when my bestest friends wipe their butts. But that is just me :)

Jiff said...

YEE HAW! I don't do ANY of those things. hehe.

Yay me.

I have never even looked at Twitter. I am a Facebook fan. I am nosey, too, so I like to see what other people are doing and pictures... but I don't need a play by play either. :)

Christy said...

I agree with ALL FIVE of your points. I knew I we would get along from the first time I read your blog!

iMommy said...

LoL, you crack me up. I do some of those things, but no offense taken :) We've all got our pet peeves!

Eva said...

You know how I feel about poor grammar and punctuation.

amanda said...

1. sorry i might slip up and do a ww once in awhile. my bad. but u r right - it is lazy.

2. agree. firmly.

3. agree. even more firmly.

4. the more details the better.

5. some days the love affair with the comments can literally make or break my day. how sad is that?

kristi said...

I like the NOT ME Monday and I do that one, but the wordless Wednesday is normally not wordless, is it?

I joined Twitter but never use it but I lurve FACEBOOK!

And comments, I live for the comments!

misguided mommy said...


NO 1000%



Anonymous said...

I love you Christy :) and I seriously agree with you....hence the no writing from me lately. LOL! :)

I have to say, people that do those types of wordless wed. and photo fridays do them to get more people to their through the host having a mr. linky or something. That is why I did a friday photo thing for a while. But you are totally correct in saying its an easy way to blog. Just do a group post every day and voila...a blog! LOL! :)

I've missed you...glad to be creeping back in slowly!

KKMommy said...

lol I did the WW last week and had to have actual words with it lol. Ah I twitter too lol don't even know how it got started but now I'm addicted to it

Midwest Mommy said...

You want to know what I hate? Looking for updated blogs yesterday only to have my blogroll not tell me that you updated! WTF! I swear yesterday it never said you updated, jacka**es!
I am with you on almost all of these. I have had a twitter account for a really long time but only in the last month have I really started liking it. I don't know what turned me on all of a sudden but I like it :-)

All these B's and Me! said...

This is why I love your blog! Because you keep it real and just don't give a shit. LOVE IT!
I'm so to blame of the WW and NMM - yeah I'm one of those.. it's addicting, lol.
I HATE TWITTER! I signed up, tried it.. SUCKS - can't keep up with all of that and nor do I want too.
My comments come strait to my blackberry and it's like a constant reminder of how addicted I am about what people have to say.. Why should I care.. It's my life.. my blog for my family.

Crazy how it consumes us huh? Have a good day. :o)

Jeninacide said...

LOL! You crack me up. I think I have the opposite problem of the people that post all the pictures- I don't post nearly ENOUGH pictures... Will work on that.

dani said...

you totally crack me up... did you have your cankers when you wrote this, tee-hee??? i have twitter hate, too; but i've never given it a try (so, i guess i really hate hearing about it, huh???)...

moo said...


nellie said...

I don't do any of them! Yay me! I also hate twitter. I signed up for it and have never gone back into it. Think it's stupid.

Lindz said...

I have the same feelings. I do not have twitter but I have found myself posting in twitter style (I think) when there is too much to go through in a day.

Personally I hate posts with looooong paragraphs. They intimidate and exhaust me and I never read the whole post because it looks tedious. Why is it so much easier to read when things are spaced out and to the point? Perhaps I am a bad blog reader.

I have the same obsession with comments and I get so bummed when I get like 3. I should appreciate those 3 but what happened to the days when people read me and couldn't help but comment?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, are so annoying. Just I'm not....yeah, I kind of am!

I can't stand Twitter.....I can't even stand the name. I stand by Fx4 though..... :)

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