Friday, March 6, 2009

It is all too much

Do you ever feel like you have information overload? We are constantly being bombarded with information. And this information is scary. Our toys are tainted with lead, plastics are poisoning us, high fructose corn syrup contains mercury, vaccines may cause autism, watching television affects language development, etc. Sometimes I wish I didn't have all of this information at my fingertips.

We have gotten rid of all #7 plastics. We are no longer buying any products that contain high fructose corn syrup. I have worried myself sick over Izzy's last round of vaccines. And I always feel a nagging concern when I turn on the television. But despite all of my efforts to protect my children, I still worry. What will the scientists and researchers discover tomorrow? How have we created such a toxic world? There are dangers lurking in very corner, and I am trying desperately to shelter my babies from them.

I just want my children to grow up in a happy and healthy environment. Why is this simple goal so hard to achieve?

Porgie jumping

Izzy climbing

The kiddos "fixing" the table.


All these B's and Me! said...

I have the same thoughts and concerns and it eats at me so bad. All we can do is pray were doing the right thing and that our children are protected. Your a wonderful mother for being so protective over lifes scary information were provided. :o) Great post!

Danielle said...

Sometimes I think it is better to be oblivious! You do the best you can and try not to worry. You are doign an awesome job. At least you care about these things...some people dismiss it as nonsense and that does nothing to make ocmpanies/government change for the better.

Eva said...

I know, right?

Anonymous said...

I blame Barney. Hahaha

You are probably too young to remember waaaay back in the good ol' days when my parents would load all 8 kids in the back of the station wagon with all the vacation gear and drive to the shore for vacation. We did not wear seatbelts, would wave to the people in the car behind us through the wide open window. We never wore helmets when riding our bikes and spent most of out-of-school time playing in the creek which was later found to contain high levels of radioactive....stuff. We're all fine. Well, sometime my third nipple itches a lot, but I just rub a little calamine lotion on it & allll better. ;)

Christy said...

I know, I worry about this too...but how do you avoid all HFCS products? I try, but some still make it into our pantry and fridge.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I think I've given up. Half of the food they eat spend less than five seconds on the floor before it enters their mouth. We live by the five second rule.

amanda said...

sometimes it feels like you just can't win!!

i was just reading an article in time mag about the whole peanut allergy thing - they make it sound like we might be causing the problem instead of helping it??

who do you trust?

Amanda said...

I know Christy ~ there is always something in the media out to scare us. I remember reading in our newspapers last year that eating more that an x amount of sausages a week would give you cancer! I say a little of what you fancy does no harm.

Beautiful picutres of your two healthy babies.
Amanda x

Mama Kalila said...

Completely understood!

We threw out baby bottles when Kalila was about 6 months old or so because we realized they had bpa despite us thinking we'd gotten safe ones. So not happy.

And HFCS... Have you seen my rants about that? LOL We're trying to cut it out too (we actually started trying to before we found out it has mercury), but it's nearly impossible.. esp when on a budget. Even bread has it... It's absolutely rediculous!

I wish we could delay vax's too, but cost too much. We decided to forgo the flu one (and have gotten grief about that from a few people but oh well) and wanted to skip the chicken pox too but our research came too late and she'd already gotten it. I worry every time we go in too, but... she's down to one vax a visit now w/ our dr's schedule so I feel a little better! (Although to be safe I forgo giving tylenol because there's a possible link between combining it w/ the MMR - rather safe than sorry)

TV... I feel bad about that too. Kalila watches way too much. I have to completely unplug everything to get any time w/out it because she insists on turning it on even if she doesn't watch it. I try and make myself feel better about it by making sure she watches educational stuff like baby first tv. Even if it's not the best thing for her, I have to say no matter what research has shown... she's learned a great deal from it!

Anyways, great pics (as always!) and sounds like you're doing a great job. Being a mommy is rough... esp all the worries/stress.

Mama Kalila said...

Oh and to Catezhere.. I remember those days! They weren't really all that long ago lol. We used to go around w/out seat belts all the time... We were pretty lucky when I think about it.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I can totally relate girl.

dani said...

christy, ignorance is bliss!!! you just do the best you can do... if a doctor offers to give your child a chicken pox vaccine and you refuse (due to fear of the vaccine) only for your child to die from complications of the chicken pox virus, you'd never forgive yourself:/ again, you just do the best you can do.

Papa Bradstein said...

We do all of those things too, and then 3B stands up on his toy bench and grabs knives out of the butcher block on the kitchen island. Hey, at least they're not made of plastic.

Tabitha said...

You are not alone on this one!
I worry too ~ about EVERYTHING!!!
I have had to try and not worry as much ~ because I would drive myself mad otherwise ha ha !!
All we can do is our best to protect them ~ but unfortunately we can't protect them from everything all of the time.
Love the pictures ~ your kids are so darn cute!!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

anymommy said...

It feels like an overwhelming task sometimes, doesn't it? Raising them and keeping them safe and not letting them eat anything over the top toxic. You're doing great.

Hope Izzy is feeling better.

Rose said...

It's hard when you care about these things...It drives me nuts too! You just do what you can with the information you have and hope the rest of the county/world will wake up. How did we ever get here?

Just know you're doing an awesome job and your kids are so fortunate to have a mom that cares and is doing her best to protect them.

Rachel said...

I feel like this so many times a day.