Monday, March 2, 2009

Crisis Averted

We have been having some napping issues with Izzy. You see, I have gotten into the habit of nursing him to sleep for naps. And for the last 15 months, this plan has worked perfectly. I would nurse him, while he peacefully drifted off to sleep. I would rub his fuzzy baby head and play with his little fingers. It was one of the highlights of my day.

Last Thursday, I nursed Izzy to sleep. When I stood up to transfer him to bed, he woke up. This happens frequently. He usually rolls onto his belly and goes right back to sleep, without any help from mama. But on this day, he decided that he didn't want to go back to sleep. He cried for an HOUR, until I finally rescued him from his crib. And the rest of the day was pure torture. He cried and screamed and demanded to be held constantly. It was exhausting.

He woke up during the transfer again on Friday afternoon. He cried for 45 minutes, before finally falling asleep. And he slept for a mere 30 minutes. DAMN IT! Saturday and Sunday were almost identical to Friday. It was rough. I was forced to make a tough decision. I decided that I was no longer going to nurse my little guy before his nap.

I have to admit, I was really sad about my decision. I love nursing Izzy to sleep, but obviously it was negatively affecting his naps. And he needs his sleep to be a happy and lovable toddler. I fretted about this decision all morning long, and then I had a brainstorm! I would just nurse him with the lights on and try my best to keep him awake. And it worked internet! He nursed for about 20 minutes, I laid him down wide awake, and he put himself to sleep. He has been sleeping for the past hour. I am so damn smart.


Jeninacide said...

You are lucky. Coleton never really naps. Only sometimes, and only when being held. GAAAHHH!

Mary said...

Good job! It's so much nicer when things work out that way for us!

amanda said...

oh honey yipppeee for you!! seriously awesome!! maybe i could hire you as my personal sleep assistant?? i never seem to make the right decision in regards to her sleep.

ps - thanks for the love on the target grounding. if i make it to the end of the week i too will be VERY surprised!!

Tabitha said...

I am so glad that things are working out on the napping and the nursing front!
Sounds like you have it all under control (YAY!!!)
Love and big hugs XXXXXX

dani said...

whew... i hope it continues to work for him:) actually for you both!!!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Yay! Go you! William used to do the same thing. That was when I said ENOUGH and made him learn to put himself to sleep. It worked for me. Not saying it would or you need to. :-)

We didn't allow it to happen with Rawni it was such a pain. LOL.

Mama Kalila said...

That's great! We're still in the whatever works mode... Some days she nurses herself to sleep, some days she does it on her own. I don't fight it. We need her nap! :-D

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Good for you - and probably good for the near future of weaning. It will be hard to give up those "special times" so it's better not to try to cut it all out at once. Not that I would know anything about this since nursing didn't work out for me. But I can imagine it would be hard.

Jiff said...

You rock!! That's so awesome when you figure out a new thing that works. YAY YOU!!!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that you have solved that one!
A tired toddler is unbearable ~ mine were never big nap takers.
Amanda x

Clare said...

good for you, i know that had to be a hard decision! i am glad it worked out:)