Monday, February 23, 2009

Stream of Consciousness: Part WHATEVER

I ordered a wine rack off of eBay last week, and I still haven't received it. I am an impatient asshole, who likes instant gratification.

Izzy had his 15 month check-up today. The kid is a giant. Since birth, he has been in the 90th (or higher) percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. Of course, this was a very traumatic appointment. In my experience, the 15 month appointment is one of the worst with regards to screaming.

Porgie has a zit on the side of her face. At first I thought she might be getting chicken pox, but upon closer inspection, I think it is just a big, nasty pimple.

I am really feeling pressured to put Porgie in preschool. All of my friends have gone preschool crazy. I am constantly bombarded with questions about which preschool I will be sending Porgie too. Is this really necessary? I stay home for a reason! Needless to say, I am not really sure how I feel about this whole topic. On one hand, school would be great for her social development. But on the other hand, it is EXPENSIVE. Holy crap people! We are a one income family, so I am not sure we can even afford it.

I think we are going back to Kentucky for Thanksgiving this year. My granny is not doing so well, and I want to visit with her again. She STILL has a staph infection, she is having trouble with one of her eyes, and she is suffering from some nasty ear infections. This is in addition to her diabetes and arthritis. Poor old granny!

I watched the movie Children of Men this weekend. DISTURBING. I can't get the story out of my head.

Do you like skinny jeans? Because I hate skinny jeans.


Midwest Mommy said...

I am feeling you on the preschool thing. Is it because some kids are in daycare that all of a sudden Preschool can start at the age of 2!!!!!!! Our park district now has an almost 3 program and takes 2 year olds. BG is already behind???
Registration is a week today and I feel like it is the Friday after Thanksgiving and I am going to be fighting for a spot.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I totally know all the feeligns you are going through with Preschool. Good luck with deciding what is right for your fam and that's just what it is... what is right for YOUR family.

No, the movie is in our que, bad huh? I have watched a few like that lately too. Trippy. I am too emotional to watch a lot of these movies these days.

Did I really just say that? I am getting old...

kristi said...

Have you checked into a mothers day out preschool?? Honestly I wouldn't worry about it until she is like 4.

Skinny jeans, no, not flattering....even on the skinny people.

Amanda said...

Porgie is still little, she has plenty of time for pre-school!
And i think skinny jeans should be illegal. Full stop!.
Hope you Gran makes a speedy recovery.
Amanda x

Misguided Mommy said...

what is the edit? it says edit. then i click and i can't see AND I HAVE TO KNOW...YOU CANT JUST HAVE SOMETHING TO CLICK AND THEN NOT LET ME SEE!

iMommy said...

I hate skinny jeans.

And preschool is damn expensive.

Anonymous said...

I with you on preschool...I don't see it as necessary. I'm a one income household Zander can start at kindergarten and mesmerize them all with his skillz!

I hope your Grandma gets better....that's not good.

Eva said...

I think preschool is just a frill.

I think the four-month appointment is the worst.

Sorry about your grandmother.

I used to read Children of Men all the time. I did NOT like the film.

Tabitha said...

I am with you on the instant gratification thing! I hate waiting too!

I wouldn't feel pressured to send Porgie to Preschool ~ you have to do what you feel is right ~ so don't worry about anyone else!!

Have never seen that film ~ and definitly will not be watching it now ha ha !!

Finally ~ yes ~ I hate skinny jeans too!

Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Dana said...

i like instant gratification too... I can't stand the waiting game!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Preschool is for socializing and getting kids ready for the classroom. It's too bad that it has to be so expensive. This is the ONE perk of Oliver's learning delays - he qualifies for a wonderful special preschool program that's FREE. But I really don't see why people send their kids to preschool until they're three...

amanda said...

hate skinny jeans. who were they really meant for anyways?

and preschool - why is it that teachers seem to be the only ones who know that preschool is for 'preschoolers' not toddlers.


chris said...

Skinny jean = no good. Who even looks good in them?

Nancy said...

I agree with you on the preschool thing. I recently started sending my 4 yo for just 2 mornings a week. I pretend it's for him but it's really for me! :D He won't get to start kindergarten until he's almost 6 because of school cutoffs here and he's eager to learn.

dani said...

i hate skinny jeans, christy, which is good because i couldn't fit into them if i loved them:) and, i wouldn't worry about sending porgie to preschool if i were you. i sent katherine and truly found it to be a costly, glorified playtime... and it wasn't all that "glorified", katherine seemed to only learn the bad habits of other children and bring home their germs???

MarvelousMOM said...

Sorry to hear about your grams. I saw my Papa the other day and realized that he has definitely aged in the last couple of months and that scares the crap out of me. And don't at all be pressured about preschool (in my opinion at least). You stay home for a reason. It is so expensive. And while she can "learn" there, she is able to "learn" at home as well. That and she won't be picking up the germs and all that. As long as she as interaction with other kids, you are good to go. Like I said, that is just my opinion though.

Jiff said...

sorry about your granny.

Preschool isn't free?? It is here. :(

I hate skinny jeans. And skinny people. lol.

Danielle said...

I am on the NO side of the preschool argument. There is no reason to send her if you are home. Save your $$!

Clare said...

i have bradley in a little preschool program, but also so I can work part time in the school system. but, i hear you on feeling the pressure! i love your thinking, you always make me laugh!

Rachel said...

I hate skinny jeans-I am all about the boot cut.