Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All we've got are grunts and giggles

I hate to write this post. I know that I am being a worry wart, but I can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. Izzy isn't talking. AT ALL. The kid just has no interest in speaking. He says "ma ma" on a regular basis, but that is it. Also, he doesn't babble very often. To communicate, he simply points and grunts.

However, he has excellent receptive language skills. He knows tons of phrases and can respond in the appropriate way. He can accurately identify a couch, a table, a stove, a book, a door, etc. He can follow simple one step commands like "shut the door" or "put your milk on the table." He can shake his head yes or no to respond to a question. But he can't talk.

I think the thing that disturbs me most is that Porgie was saying a slew of words at 15 months. And reading your blogs doesn't help the situation either. When I read a post about your baby talking or see a video of your baby babbling, I get a little teary eyed. Why isn't my baby saying anything?

At Izzy's 15 month appointment, we discussed his problems at great length. The doctor informed me that boys talk later than girls and that second children also tend to talk later. He also discussed the possibility of Izzy having a hearing problem. But in the end, he recommended giving him a little more time. If my little guy doesn't make leaps and bounds in the next 6 months, he will be referred for an evaluation by Early Intervention Services.

The doctor also gave recommendations to encourage Izzy to talk...
1) Talk to him more (I talk to my children constantly!).
2) Read to him more (I read approximately 592 books per day!).
Thanks doctor! Your advice was so helpful!

I really need to stop thinking about this topic. And I definitely need to stop googling it.


Misguided Mommy said...

Codi isn't talking either, so glad to hear he isn't messed up. He says mama, num num and umm ooo hello. but he understands every word i say. if i say throw it away he does. if i say where is your spoon he walks right to where he left it. it's odd..brandon talked so early...i guess we just have two totally normal kids huh!

jen said...

what your doctor said ... is what we usually find. that said ... as an SLP ... if you are concerned ... call now. i would rather have a parent come to me concerned that their child isn't speaking and do an eval to find out that they are ok right now ... and have a baseline to come back to in 6-12 months ... if you want ... i just sent a LONG email to a friend with some ideas to encourage speaking if you are interested ... i can send it to you. just let me know your email address.

Mama Kalila said...

From what I understand (and seen w/ friends kids too) boys talk later than girls... on top of that, could Porgie be "talking" for him? Like getting things before he can do more than point and grunt... My cousins youngest had that problem. The other two tried to help to the point she was a late talker. The pedi was starting to worry, but she asked him to give her until after the other two started school that fall... once they were gone the little girl started talking pretty quickly. Not likely with yall, but still worth mentioning I think.

Anyways, I know it's hard... but try not to worry. He's gonna be fine!

Midwest Mommy said...

Honestly, we had major concerns with BG's speech last year. After reading blogs and going for playdates it bugged me that kids who were younger than her could speak more clearly than her. I still have this concern. We went through the whole early intervention thing last summer and she tested fine for her age with no concerns. It pretty much boiled down to the fact that she is just a slow talker. We had her ears tests and everything was fine. They said that since she understood commands and do it that she was ok, it is if they can't understand commands that they worry.
I know exactly what you mean though I worry daily. And then I worry is it because I stayed home with her and she only has me to talk to all day. Hence another reason why I am pressuring myself for preschool next year.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

I'm willing to bet that Mr.Izzy is going to start speaking in full sentences, and soon.
He sounds as if he's soaking up all of the information, which he will very shortly be spewing out at such a rate that you will wonder why you ever worried.
We're moms. We worry.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Good luck! I wouldn't worry too much, I mean, how many parents are saying at 18... OMG he didn't talk until he was like 3! It happens. My sister is 2.5 and she just barely started speaking too. It really happens.

dani said...

boys don't talk as early as girls do, christy. and as the second child, he could be very well letting porgie talk for him (does she???).
oh, another thing when my brother (he's nine years younger than i) was a baby, he was "tongue-tied". he couldn't stick out his tongue nor talk. however, once he had it clipped, he never shut up, ha!!!
i wouldn't worry:)

Amanda said...

My youngest didn't start talking until he was just over 2 years old ~ and just like Izzy he would point at things and grunt. Now he doesn't shut up!
He'll come on leaps and bounds before you know it.
Amanda x

Dooneybug said...

Seriously give it some more time. I took my daughter in yesterday for her 18 month appointment and the guidelines they have us check off ask if she's speaking at least three words by 18 months which is normal.

I can also attest to the fact that my second is the lesser talker.

Try not to fret about it too much and if you have to have him evaluated in 6 months, that's good and they will be able to tell you what's going on. But I'm betting he's just fine!

Danielle said...

I know several moms of boys... who came after talkative girls..who could have written that same post. I think it is very common. You know receptive is more important...as long as he understands what is going I wouldn't worry.

MarvelousMOM said...

I think that all kids develop different. I wouldn't stress too much of it just yet. You are doing all that you should be doing at home and he clearly understands you and is smart. He just doesn't want to be heard just yet. I know that doesn't help and I am making light of things, I just hate that you are upset over it.

Eva said...

Well, if you do want to go ahead and get the evaluation, that's okay. Though I think they are overzealous. You'll recall they had my little girl down for a speech delay which was totally bogus. I think he sounds very much within the range of normal. I'm sorry you are worried. He's probably just focused on some physical skill or something right now instead.

Clare said...

I am so sorry that you are going through this! If you feel really strongly, I would talk to you doc again, I think a mommy always knows best!!

chris said...

It's hard not to worry about those things. Hope you get some answers soon.

anymommy said...

I could have written this post, seriously. Same conversation with the pediatrician at fifteen months. My baby boy is now nineteen months old and he has picked up maybe one or two more words. I've put off the 18 month appointment because I just don't want to do it right now.

His cognitive understanding also appears to be fine. He's just not interested in speaking. Except for "NO!!!"

I'm going to give my little one some more time, but I completely understand your worries.

amanda said...

the mom worry sucks.

but as teachers, we both know that all kids develop on their own clocks.

funny how we preached that at parent teacher conferences all the time, and now here it is our kids and the talk doesn't seem to be as affective.

hang in there mama :)

Tabitha said...

I work with children and I do find that this does happen alot with second (or subsequent) children and it has been more common with boys (that is just my experience) ~ I have no idea why ~ just wanted to let you know that your little lad is not alone.
Hopefully he will make those steps towards talking more very soon.
It could be that when he grows up ~ he is going to be the strong silent type ~ all mysterious and moody and he's just having a practise run now ha ha !!
seriously ~ I hope all goes ok for you.
Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Lainey-Paney said...

I have no advice, other than to say that there are Speech Therapists who work with young children (even babies to help with sucking reflexes, etc). If you're THAT concerned, what would it hurt to say to the pediatrician, "You know, I'm still concerned. I read to them all day, and we speak to him in a normal non-baby language. I would really just like to have him evaluated by a Speech Language Pathologist. If I'm wrong about there being a problem, then great! But, if there is some tiny little problem, then we can get a jump start on working toward a resolution."

Lainey-Paney said...

I have a son....he was born in Sept, and said his first word before Mother's day when he was less than a year old. By his 1st birthday, he was stringing together words. But---maybe that's advanced for his age. I dunno.

I don want to post this question, but I don't want you to interpret it as if I am minimizing the situation-----is it possible that the pointing & grunting is a bad habit? Is it possible that the behavior yields others to act & meet his needs, therefore, it's working for him? I.E. he points at a book, points & grunts, and boom---some one has gotten the book for him and given it to him. Voila, his needs are met without him having to say "book" in order to get the item he wants, when he probably knows that it's called a book.... do you think that's possible????

Anonymous said...

Will doesn't talk anywhere NEAR as much as Maggie did at his age.
She started talking (TALKING!! in full sentences at 10 months and hasn't SHUT UP since!)
Maggie finished his sentences for him, she asked him if he wanted this or that & he needed only nod or shake his head no.
He's been speaking for himself since around 18 months. We asked Mag to stop being his spokesperson, and let him talk for himself.
If Izzy understands what you're saying to him, and responds properly to commands, he doesn't have a hearing problem.
Try to give him a little more one-on-one face time and talk to him constantly. Little things. Momma is getting your pajamams now, we're going to wash your face, what color is your washcloth? Which pj's do you want to wear? Since Maggie is in kindergarten now, and Will is still at daycare, we have some "just us time" in the car on the way home. I ask him how is day was, what games he played at school, little simple conversations that have really helped him carry on a conversation.
I wouldn't worry about it, he's perfect.

Jiff said...

My stepson Z is now 6. I remember he was SO quiet for so long. He would respond to things we said, but he didn't say much. Just grunts, if that. We thought he would NEVER talk. Around 2...I think? He started talking...and now he won't shut up! He talks just to hear himself talk. I think all kids are different and develop at their own pace. I think it's awesome that you read to him and talk to him nonstop...and that you are concerned. That's a very awesome sign of an incredible mom. (Remember how you told me not to stress about Bayley not crawling...or seeming interested in it while ALL the other babies much younger than her are all crawling and pulling up?:) )
Anyway. I have two things I want to say:
1. Get him to the interventionist or whatever NOW. Not because I think he's behind, but because YOU are going to worry and be concerned until you know something. It may just be a baseline type of thing now...and then in 6 months take him back and see where he's at. I hate waiting. I need to know things NOW, so I don't wait for docs to tell me to do something. Something tells me you want to know NOW too.
2. I read a blog called Moo's Moo. Have you heard of it? It's not listed on the blogs you read daily.. but her blog is http://moosmoo.wordpress.com/ and her son is a slow talker too... so talk to her. :) Plus she's funny. :)

Shoebee said...

My oldest never said anything. He was my first. Even at 3 yrs old, he was almost impossible to understand. By 4 yrs, no problem.
I agree with Jen though, if you are worried make a referral yourself to early intervention. In Maryland they have Child Find. It is through the local school system. You call the county Child Find number, they wend out forms, you get evaluated, and go from there. Very easy.

Rachel said...

Well Max is not talking and in a play group of 8 boys we were in half did not speak till they were between 20 and 28 months old. Boys are much slower at that stuff.

Dana said...

the same thing happened to my brother's best friend's little boy.. He actually did have a hearing problem and wasn't speaking at all!! but he got his ears checked and fixed and now he is fine... i;m sure things will be ok!!!

Jeninacide said...

Hmm, at 15 months I feel like kids are still so LITTLE! They are still just BABIES. If I were you I wouldn't necessarily be alarmed- and would probably give it a couple of months- 18 months seems like a better yardstick.

He seems to be able to communicate by pointing, so maybe you should try not responding to his points, and wait for him to "say" something? I do that with Cole all the time. And at least your kid says "mama!" He'll talk pretty soon, I bet!