Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wasting time

Most mornings, I wake up excited and eager to start the day. I kiss my babies and pat their little heads. I want to soak up every moment with them and enjoy them wholeheartedly. But as the day progresses, we seem to spend less and less quality time together.

The mornings are great. We eat breakfast, play on the floor, and read a few books. In the afternoons, I am busy talking on the phone, or doing the dishes, or running errands. And the evening are just chaos, with dinner and baths.

Although we are together all day, it feels like we don't spend enough quality time together.

A few weeks ago, I was reading Shannon's blog. She had posted this poem, and it actually brought tears to my eyes...

To My Grown Up Son

My hands were busy through the day;
I didn't have much time to play
The little games you asked me to.
I'd wash your clothes, I'd sew and cook,
But when you'd bring your picture book
And ask me please to share your fun
I'd say "A little later, son."
I'd tuck you in all safe at night
And hear your prayers, turn out the light.
Then tip-toe softly to the door....
I wish I'd stayed a minute more.

A little boy grows up so fast.
No longer is he at your side
His precious secrets to confide.
The picture books are put away,
There are no longer games to play,
No good-night kiss, no prayers to hear....
That all belongs to yesteryear.
My hands, once busy, now are still,
The days are long and hard to fill.
I wish I could go back and do
The little things you asked me to.

I am resolving to spend more quality time with my babies. And you should too. Now stop reading this, and go play with your baby.


Claudia said...

:) I know how you feel. The days blur and weeks pass and suddenly you're wondering where all the time went and what you did with it. I found ways to incorporate my kids in to my days even when I wasn't one on one with them. Chores are done to music, a broom makes a FABULOUS dance partner, and swiffering in old socks sprayed with Pledge on the hardwood floors is SO MUCH FUN!! It's not WHAT you do with your kids that they will remember, but how. Anything goes. Think like a kid. :)


Eva said...

Well, mine's asleep right now, so I'm off the hook. I recognize this feeling, though. Of course, you need to enjoy yourself, too. In times past, people didn't focus on their children like we think we should. They got stuff done and led their lives. I've been trying to include Baby Nora in more of the stuff I like to do now that she's older (or not like to do--have to do--in the case of housework). Um, this is rambly. But point taken.

Mama Kalila said...

Awww.. I would, but I finally got her down for a nap! That was really sweet though. Have fun w/ those babies!

Bon said...

it's true, and we all know it somewhere inside us, and yet it is so hard to remember in the moment.

thanks for this, Christy. (mine is in bed, i'm allowed to be reading!)

Papa Bradstein said...

That's a good reminder. There's never a day that I go to work that I don't wish I was at home hanging out with 3B. At the same time, it's so much work, I don't know how Mama does it.

But if you think that I'm going to stop reading blogs and walk into 3B's room at 11 pm to hang out with him, you're crazy.

Greg said...

I am off to play with Ellie as you suggested. That was a great piece of writting from Shannon. I don't know if she wrote it herself, but it is good.

I will now be playing with dolls, and cooking a plastic dinner on the play stove we have for Ellie:)

Misguided Mommy said...

i get sad every time i read this

amanda said...

you are sooo right. the bean is already growing so fast...i just wish i could stop time and stay in the moment!!

Dana said...

That was soo sweet... It sounds like you have the best time with your babies... What a great feeling!!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I totally know how you feel and that poem brought tears to my eyes over on Shannon's blog too. :(

Jeninacide said...

My baby is also sleeping so YAY! FREE TO READ BLOGS! WHEW!

Rachel said...

You are so wonderful. I feel the same way. I wish all day I have the patience that I have in the morning. I also wish all day could just be about Max and me. I love the poem. Thanks to you and thanks to shannon.

30 Minute Mommy said...

OK. That made me cry. It is so very true. I am supposed to be on a blog break and here I am reading blogs! Thanks for sharing that beautiful poem.