Saturday, April 19, 2008

To feed a baby

I am really on the fence about starting Izzy on solids. I have composed a list of pros and cons that effectively highlights the conflict ensuing in my head.

1. Since Izzy only wants to nurse when he is swaddled and in a dark, quiet room, solids would be a great option when we are on the go.

2. Izzy would be able to go for longer stretches without nursing. Porgie would think this is delightful. She still gets upset when I nurse Izzy in his bedroom.

3. I know that all the experts say it doesn't really help, but maybe starting solids would allow Izzy to sleep for longer stretches.

1. If I start solids, my milk supply will go down. This means that my period will return. Ugh.

2. If my milk supply goes down, I might turn into an emotional baskets. Those darn hormones!

3. Izzy has food allergies, but I don't know what he is allergic too. Therefore, I might be feeding him a food he is allergic too.

4. Starting Izzy on solids means more work for me.

I am sick of being a responsible parent. From now on, I am going to let the internet make all important decisions for me. What should I do???


Jeninacide said...

I've recently started Cole on solids. We're still in the TESTING phase. He hates fruit and cereal but really likes squash- but he has been a TOTAL ASSHOLE AT NIGHT the last several nights (waking up every HOUR) and I think it's because the squash gave him a tummy ache.

So crap.

I think you should start with a little bit of cereal at the time of day when he is in a GOOD MOOD* and see how it goes.

*this is key.

Dooneybug said...

Nurse him until he goes to college, then it's his problem.

Ok, old is he now? I'd hold off until he's 6 months that way you're technically doing what all the "authorities" in charge say to do. He can't already be 6 months can he?!? Then just start out doing one thing at a time so you can figure out what he's allergic to. Wait 3 or 4 days between new foods so you can tell for sure what bothers him. You'll still be nursing him frequently for a while anyway. (my almost 8 month old still nurses 6 times in a 24 hour period - GAH!)

He's going to have to eat solids eventually girl! :) Here's the light at the end of the tunnel: My daughter is almost ready to take on some new, more grown up foods. So it won't be too long before you can just make one meal for both kids to eat. Just a few months of multiple meal torture and then you're golden!

Eva said...

From what I've read the data are pretty sound on waiting until at least six months. The risk for diabetes and allergies and other bad things goes up since you just can't be sure their gut is ready before then. Plus, all the pros you mention, well, he probably wouldn't eat enough at the beginning to really get full on food so it'll just be more mess and work for you. I'd say maybe seeing about bottlefeeding him formula instead might have the same benefits without those risks might be good. Of course lots of us had solids before six months and it didn't bother us, but especially with his allergies that you already know about, I'd be wary. You could try baby-led weaning (where you give him not purees but sticks of things like sweet potatoes) and if he can get it in his mouth and eat it, that means he's ready, but if he can't, then you know he's not there yet. My friend who had her baby the same day you had him has also been thinking about solids, btw, but I think she decided against it because of the recent literature.

Amber said...

I would try it out and see how it goes! My kids all started around 4 months. Hopefully it will help him and you sleep more!

Melain said...

Start him on rice cereal. No one is allergic to that. And the experts are retards who have never had children because in my x3 experience, solid food ABSOLUTELY helps them sleep longer.

Some babies are just hungry. I started my 3rd on rice cereal when he was 4 weeks old because he was wanting to eat every 30-40 minutes. Come to think of it, he's still like that. Anyway, he started sleeping like after that.

Who THOUGHT of that expression! It makes no sense!

Marni Tiani Self said...

How old is he again? I'd vote solids, but I push kids to grow up too fast sometimes.

I wish life away. a. lot.

Chas said...

Is he 6 months old yet? I lose track of how old my blog friends' kids are. If he's six months then I'd go for it. If not...well, I was always paranoid about going by the rules. Maybe you could just try a little rice cereal mixed with pumped milk. Also, your period might not return right away. I started Lila on solids at six months and mine took four more months to return.

Mama Kalila said...

Granted - I started Kalila at four months (I think she was ready) but I still say wait till 6 months. I'm gonna try to do that next time (I wanted to this time but couldn't, long story)Esp since he has food allergies though. Also I've heard both 3 or 4 days between new foods & a week... We're doing a week & I'd consider it since you know he has those allergies. The safer the better.

As for sleeping better... Honestly I've seen no difference in Kalila's sleeping patterns since starting solids! (other than her starting to wake up when she didn't before; but that happened after teething not the food) Some mom's swear by it, but I've talked to a lot of them that say they've had the opposite happen... esp if cereal is given at night.

Also when you do start... Make sure you BF before the solids & still keep him nursing throughout the day like he is now.. that will keep the supply from going down. If you see it start too you can eat oatmeal, drink mothers milk tea, etc.. provided he's not allergic to it. Random note: We've been on solids almost 3 months & I still haven't started :-D So there is hope!

Lainey-Paney said...

you give convincing arguments for both sides.
Now I'M torn!

amanda said...

we started the bean on rice ceral at four months. it was the worst week of my life. really. we stopped and were scared until five months. tried again. second worst week of my life.

until finally a wise friend said to try it earlier in the day. duh. what a first time mommy am i.

still had tummy trouble, so we switched it up to oatmeal. much better. but still continued with tummy trouble. so last week (one week before the big 6 month mark) we started sweet potatoes. some tummy relief. but we are still trying to figure it all out.

i know my doctor isn't going to be happy. but i don't care. she was showing all the signs and i think like says (and as a fellow teacher we know) it's all developmental. and each babe is different.

but yes it is more work. and now i am pumping twice a day to keep the milk up. but she's happy and she makes cute faces when she eats. so i guess it's worth it.

Blazing Goddess said...

Start him. Solid foods DO make them sleep better, experts or no. And you'll have a better chance of pinpointing exactly what his allergies are. On the other hand, your period returning is a major drawback.

30 Minute Mommy said...

I would hold off until 6 months. Eliza has been sick so much that she barely had many solids in her 6th month. Now that she is 7 months she has a stomach virus so we are off solids for a little again! I really don't think their baby bellies are ready when they are too young. Also, in my experience solids have not helped with sleep. Keep your period away for as long as possible.

Rachel said...

Christy- I hear you and i felt the same way but the one thing I wished I would have done with Max SINCE HE HAS ALLERGIES IS TO HAVE WAITED. kids who do not have allergies are perfectly fine with solid early but not kids with allergies. they cannot handle it. I would add a bottle of formula or mix it. That would make it easier when you guys are out and about and plus it would supplement your boobs and help with longer stretches too.

They say it does not help and with Max it did not because his stomach was so upset. Check out the formula. That I know helps babies to go longer because it is so heavy.

EdgyK said...

Feeding my kids solids never made a bit of difference in their sleeping habits. Sorry! But they were either good sleepers or not but all are good sleepers now. You should go with your gut and do it. Cereal is always good to start with. But you definitely have to give it more than one try. Sometimes it takes a while for them to catch on.