Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 8

I have vacuumed my carpet three times in the past week. This is a new record for me. I usually vacuum three times per month.

I have been feeding Porgie lots of beans. I have no idea why. Everyday when I open the fridge, I feel compelled to give her more beans. Now my sweet little girl is very gassy. And she stinks.

Did you know that poop samples are supposed to be kept frozen?

John has been in Washington DC all week. I have to admit that I am a little jealous. I want to have a quiet hotel room all to myself. And 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep sounds like heaven.

Did you know that some weeks I don't leave the house? Not even one time.

I've been getting some terrible headaches lately. It is a sharp pain, that starts in my temples and shoots inward.

Does anyone else have trouble with those annoying word verification things? I think it is impossible to type the letters correctly the first time. Sometimes I have to type the letters in like three different times. Grrr.

I started a blog for my family back in Kentucky, but I am already totally annoyed by it. The only person who ever checks it is my mother. Damn stupid family members.

I just got Izzy to sleep about 30 minutes ago. Porgie is in her room screaming her ABCs. If she wakes him up, I am going to have to kill her.

I scheduled an appointment to meet with a surgeon regarding my gallstones. They couldn't get me in until the end of April. I am glad to see that no one else is worried about my pain and suffering. Damn stupid doctors.

I took the kids to the park today. I put Izzy in the baby swing. It was very cute. He looked so grown up sitting in the swing.

Porgie finally managed to wake Izzy, so I must go attend to my screaming baby.


Eva said...

Wow, I can't even remember when I last vacuumed. I have an excuse. My child is scared of the vacuum. Or if she's asleep, I don't want to wake her up. See?

When my husband was out of town for a week, he kept telling me all about his awesome hotel suite. SHUT UP ALREADY.

You don't get to leave the house at ALL??? I think that's whence the headaches! You poor dear.

I hate word verifications. Sometimes I think about boycotting blogs that have them.

I have a blog for my Swedish relatives and they rarely check it. I feel you. It's not motivating. Of course then my husband is all, why don't you update the blog?

So sorry you have to wait to see the doc!

Marni Tiani Self said...

I hate the word verification... do I have that on mine? It's very irritating. I get it wrong half the time too.

I wish I could stay home for weeks on end. I'm such a homebody.

Damn Dr's. I could shoot them for you. I hated that pain. Hated. Hated. Hated that pain.

I hated it when I did a HUGE family website and no one told me the good about it until it was gone. It was like fuck you. You're the reason I cut it off. No praise means, fuck this work. It wasn't for me.

I'm jealous of your husband too.

And my house only gets vacuumed twice a month typically. :) I hate cleaning.

Mama Kalila said...

Where to start lol. I'm sorry things are rough... Hope your headaches go away, and that the gallstone thing gets better.

I can almost empathise with the staying in for weeks... that would be me except I make it out on Sundays for Church.. I think there were two weeks recently (in the past two months or so) that we didn't because of Jas work & life was miserable. Getting out helps sanity.

Uggh to the word verification things. Why do they twist them where they are illegible? Thankyou for not making us do that!

My family doesn't read mine either... and when someone happens too, they tell others that I said such & such twisting it around & making a huge mess... I'm not sure if I want them to read it or not lol. I guess I'll settle at the ones who don't I wish would & those who do I wish wouldn't lol.

I did not know poo samples had to be frozen.. Ewee.. . When in Afrika we kept them in film canisters to take to the dr - I'll never look at one the same way again! (and there's the comment that would have fit well on the Random Wednesday post I commented on earlier lol)

I've been vacumming a lot lately too... Must be in the air.

I want a hotel room to myself too...

Good luck on getting Izzy back to sleep!

Anth said...

Um, I think I vacuumed once this month. So go you!!!!!!!

Miss E would LOSE it if she didn't leave the house at least once every three days. I know. I've tried it. I'm a homebody.

I hate word verifications too.

Oh PS You accidentally used Izzy's real name in this post.

Amanda said...

It all sounds so de ja vu!

Blazing Goddess said...

Ok. My suggestion for your headaches is to pull on your wars. I know it sounds ridiculous, but the stress is causing the muscles of your scalp to tense. If you start at the tops of your ears and pull them in clock-wise circles, working down the outside edges, you'll find some of that tension dissolving. It's weird, but highly effective. I'm an LMT, so I use this one a lot. Highly neglected body part, the ears.

darksadist said...

"Stream of Consciousness: Part 8" umm its supposed to be part already did part 8.. =/ sorry if you're feeling like you are now..hope he comes back sooner so you have more help around the place..

Christy said...

Thanks Anth and Darksadist. I am losing my mind.

amanda said...

honey you make me laugh :) and...

congrats on the vacuum record - i am jealous.

thanks for the info on poop samples - i hope i never have to use it!

think the same thought when husband goes out of town. lucky man.

sometimes i only make it to the mailbox all week.

and i love baby swings too.

Greg said...

We also only vacuum the house about 3 time a year.......WAIT NO.....I mean a month. HA HA, what a slip of words......

I also hate word varification, but I have been informed that it keeps spam off your blog.

I wish Kris could get away for a few days by herself too, or with friends, but just some time to herself.

We also used to do our blog for my family up north. They never check it anymore. So the only family people who read it are Kris' family who live in the same town that we do! Rediculous.

Em said...

I vacum too much! Cant believe poo needs freezing errr

Claudia said...

ROFL! Sounds like YOU need a glass of wine my dear. And those word ID things? Yeah, hate them too. I swear, sometimes, I type them in right and someone, somewhere hits a 'wrong' button just to mess with me. I mean, hello, I CAN READ!!! What's up with beans???!

30 Minute Mommy said...

word verifictions are the worst! It always take me two or three times.

Dana said...

I hate vacumming - thats the BF's job!!

This is a great post, I love it..

And who knew Poop samples had to be frozen, LOL!?!?!

Mary said...

You must leave the house more often! It'll make you all feel better...