Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: Part 8

My dear little Izzy continues to take lots of short little catnaps during the day. He takes up to 5 or 6 naps per day! Isn't that insane? To get him to sleep longer, I have been letting him take one of his afternoon naps in his swing. He'll sleep for about 2 hours in the swing. It is a little piece of heaven on Earth.

I used to work at a pet store when I was in college. Therefore, everyone I know assumes that I am a veterinarian. My mother called last week to ask me how to cure her sick dog. My response was, "Um, take him to the vet." I don't know what the hell is wrong with your damn animals - STOP CALLING ME.

My friend C was supposed to come over for a play date yesterday. I feverishly cleaned the house, did the dishes, got everyone dressed in real clothes (not pajamas), brushed my hair, and even lit a candle to make the house smell pretty. Of course, she canceled at the last minute. So, now I have to do everything again on Friday. Damn friends.

I finally had the ultrasound of my gallbladder and upper GI performed. It was an interesting experience, and I am eager to get the results. I had another "attack" yesterday, and spent 30 minutes in the bathroom puking. When I told the technician this story, she asked if I might be pregnant. HA! FUNNY! Is she freaking insane? Of course I am not pregnant.

We had satellite for about 5 years. Recently, we switched back to cable, and I am loving On Demand. We can watch Barney or Blue's Clues or Jack's Big Music Show any ol' time we want to. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Steve?

When Izzy was born, I started pumping milk and freezing it. I have at least 60 ounces sitting in my freezer right now. I just realized this morning that it is all useless, because I was eating dairy and soy when I pumped it. Grrr.


Marni Tiani Self said...

I hate it when friends do that.

Oh my I would be PISSED over the milk...

Can't wait to hear the results of the ultrasound... I'm almost certain it's your gall bladder, like I'm a dr. But I just had mine out 2 year ago...

Oh and I used to work at a Dog Grooming shop. :D

I so loved every bit of this stream!!!!!!!!!

Amanda said...

As you and the above comment said, i hate it when friends do that!

Like the comment about your Mum thinking your a vet 'cause you used to work in a pet shop. I'm a nurse and when you get together with people they can ask strange questions. The one that sticks in my mind is : a man i barely know asking about his nasal polyps at a BBQ! yuk!
Anyway, hope your feeling ok and that your gallbladder isn't causing too much bother:)
PS. are you sure your not pregnant!!!!!!!!!!) he-he!

Amanda x

Christy said...

John and I haven't had sex since Izzy was born. I don't know what we are waiting for. I guess its just stress and sleep deprivation.

So, I am definitely NOT pregnant.

Greg said...

What do you substitute dairy with if soy is not an option?? I thought soy was the only option. Am I out of the loop, or is really difficult to find a different alternative?

I am very bad at cancelling last minute! I never used to be, but with Ellie around, one minute she is fine and then the day goes to hell. Of course, I don't care that Ellie plays with other kids at our house in her pj's. Heck, I used to take her all over the place and not change her out of them! Kris used to get sooooo pissed:)

Lainey-Paney said...

you can donate your breastmilk if you aren't going to or can't use it.

we had Dish forever too. Now we have AT&T U-verse. It's greeeeaaatt.


and yes, I know that feeling of feverishly cleaning your house & then to have them cancel.
But, why is it that NOBODY stops by my house when it is spotless???

Jeninacide said...

1. I TOTALLY used to only clean for company too.

2. I would also be pissed over the milk. Maybe you can mail me your milk because I always TRY to build up a stash- but I heart wine but Coleton does not heart wine boob so I always use up my milk stash, like, weekly. DAMMIT.

3. I wish I had cable. I only have those damn rabbit ears and I can't even get FRIENDS re-runs to come in clear. DRIVES ME NUTSO!

4. Wait- you haven't had sex yet??

Eva said...

You can give the milk to Porgie! Or the cats!


We got rid of DISH and I am so SAD with cable...we get more channels, but I can only "dvr" or PVR they call it 1 thing at a time!! AND the worse is that they don't have dates on the shows so I don't know if they are NEW or reruns...jeez tv is running my life

EdgyK said...

ha ha ha I love your blog!

But I am sorry about your milk, that is so much work.

Dana said...

Isn't that the way it ALWAYS happens.. You bust your but to get the house all ready and then someone cancels..

Good luck with your results!

amanda said...

first time visitor - but had to say hi and love your profile!! i also believe there were days when being a teacher of 27 kids was way easier than this mommy gig :)

Mama Kalila said...

I thought I left a comment on here... I'm so confused!

I hope your health stuff works out!

& I agree w/ the posts about donating it if possible... There are people who need BM & at least it wouldn't go to waste

April said...

I LOVE On Demand for the sheer fact that no matter what time it is I can find something the kids want to watch. Also Noggin is now on 24/7!!! Big hit in our house!

Claudia said...

"My friend C was supposed to come over for a play date yesterday. I feverishly cleaned the house, did the dishes, got everyone dressed in real clothes (not pajamas), brushed my hair, and even lit a candle to make the house smell pretty. Of course, she canceled at the last minute" - - in my world, that's grounds for friendship termination. ;)

Rachel said...

I always love your stream posts-and I have a gift for you on my blog.

Melain said...

You love Steve from Blue's Clues? I'll fight you for him. ;)

Eva said...

There is little worse in life than having to throw out breast milk... actually, you might want to call your local La Leche League. I had some milk that was about to expire, and a friend knew someone at LLL, and she took the milk and gave it to a family who had just adopted and the baby was having trouble with formula so they were looking for donated breast milk. That made me feel way better than having to put it in the garbage!

Chas said...

I like On Demand as well. We don't have it now, but it was pretty neat when we had cable. Of course, we just make a series recording for each of Lila's favorite shows on our DVR, so there are always episodes there for her to watch if need be. The only thing I prefer about satellite is that we don't have to pay extra for Disney and Noggin.

Anth said...

Hey I neglected to update my contacts with your new email address, and then brilliantly deleted your email. Can you email me at morganlf21 at hotmail dot com? I promise to actually update your info this time. Thanks. :)

Dana said...

have you heard yet about your ultrsound? I hope all is well!!!

A Mom Two Boys said...

I should start having my friends do that so I'm forced to keep my house cleaner more often.

Oh, and yay for naps, no matter where, no matter how!

30 Minute Mommy said...

I had to get rid of a bunch of breast milk too! It made me very sad. Also, I used to work at a Vet in high School and people still love to ask me about their animals. The only animals I deal with now are Kindergarten students!

Misguided Mommy said...

k lets see. the swing is genius!

ummm so what do you do when you have a fish with 6" poops

my fucking friend pulled that shit with me a few weekends back. said she was coming from out of town so i got my entire house ready, my guest room and even purchased food that i couldn't afford to cook for them only to have her lie and claim a family member died just minutes before they were supposed to come to reno

Misguided Mommy said...

oh yeah, i have my gallbladder out

and ummmm oh i looooove on demand too it has saved my fricking life a bajillion times when brandon thought he would possibly die and combust if he didn't watch DORA RIGHT THIS FUCKING MINUTE