Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New developments...

I tired nursing Izzy in his room with the door shut, and Porgie threw a major tantrum. Of course, he couldn't sleep because of all of the screaming. So, I have decided that I am going to invest in a few baby gates. I am going to try to corral Porgie into the living room and dinning room area, while I nurse Izzy to sleep in his room. The boy needs some sleep and mommy needs some peace. I am fairly confident that Porgie is going to FLIP OUT the first time I trap her in the living room, but hopefully she will adjust.

Porgie hated being swaddled when she was a baby, so we didn't swaddle her. After a few days home from the hospital, Izzy started fighting the swaddle too. For a few weeks, I stopped swaddling him. However, he was sleeping horribly at night. So, I purchased a new swaddling blanket and gave it another try. Although he still hates having his arms restricted, he will usually settle down after a few minutes. OH MY GOD, my child has been sleeping for longer than 30 minutes at a stretch at night. It is a miracle. I only got up to feed him three times last night!!!

My husband isn't such a jerk after all. He stayed home from work last Friday, and sent me to a day spa to have a massage and to get my hair done. Although this was a very sweet gesture, he failed to take into account the fact that I am breastfeeding. So, I skipped the massage for time's sake, and just had my hair done. I LOVE IT. Seriously, it is the best haircut I have ever had, and the color is perfect. I am a red head again! It is fabulous!

John gave the spa his credit card number when he made the appointment, because he didn't want me to see the bill. However, the goofy receptionist printed out the bill anyways. Holy crap - having my hair cut and dyed was $158! Yikes. I still think it was totally worth it. My hair is so pretty!

Porgie has been learning lots of new things, not all of them good. She likes to shove her fingers down her throat and make herself gag. Very annoying. She also likes to spin in a circle until she is dizzy and falls down. Very cute, but also a like scary. I just know that she is going to end up getting hurt.

Porgie has also been learning lots of new words, like "thank you" and "you're welcome." Her new favorite word is, "Izzy." She also loves to say "paw print," "think," and "clue." Can anyone guess which kid show Porgie likes best?

I think that just about sums everything up.


Suz said...

Yup...that's about what I pay for a cut and color. It's scandalous, but I, also, love my hair.

And, yay! I'm so glad that you and Izzy have discovered the joy of the swaddle.

Eva said...

Yeah, baby gates, give it a try! You can find them for like three dollars at thrift stores if you want to be a cheapskate like me. And yay on the sleeping!

Anonymous said...

I made a special backpack for my son for when I was feeding my daughter.I filled it with some snacks, crayons, dollar store toys,a movie and he only got it when I fed his sister..He loved when she had to feed,,to see what was in his special bag..

Anth said...

Yay John! High five! I'm so glad you were able to get away for a little while! Looking good is so important after having a baby I think, because your body's still kind of freaked out. At least mine was.

And I'm glad you gave swaddling another shot. From what I've seen and heard, babies usually resist it, yet actually love it.

Mama Kalila said...

Glad to hear yall are sleeping more through the night! I wish I could get my hair coloured again...

We actually went out w/ a couple friends (another couple actually) w/out Kalila tonight... left her w/ her Gido (grandfather). I managed not to cry when we left her lol, but just barely. What's funny is I made sure to pump a couple bottles just in case & it ended up too much so we have an extra one (thankfully I have a thing that keeps it cold) left over. Will have to use it soon lol. Maybe get in some more of that bottle holding practice!

Mojavi said...

omg Kya did the same thing with the fingers and the gagging.. she has actually made herself puke a couple of times..SUCKS! SHe has stopped though, I think she got sick of the actual puking lol

Amber said...

I want to see your new hair! That was so sweet of John to do that for you! I hope the baby gate works for you!

Rachel said...

Oh so lad to hear that things are getting easier. Max and I will have to make up our play date with you guys when the spring comes.

Also, I want to see a new pic of the haircut. John is a sweetie.

Em said...

Yup i'd get baby gates! And how nice that you got some you time! We need to see your new hair style!

Greg said...

We also have gates for E, and once she got used to them there were no problems.

I tell K all the time she needs to go get her hair done or have coffee with friends, or go do something fun by herself. She deserves it and so do you!! Pics of the new do??

Not So Perfect said...

I hope the corral idea works.

So what is the cut like?

I swear Porgie and Ella are twins, just like 6 months apart. They have so many simliarities. Ella did the whole gagging herself thing too, she luckily grew out of that stage and has moved on to bigger and better annoying things. She still spins though.

I realize I am going to sound like a total nutty mom right now, but I have heard that spinning is a sign of intelligence. This was probably made up by some desperate mom who wanted an excuse for why her child was spinning all the time, but I have heard this.

Now I am going to go investigate to see if I can find any info on this.

Misguided Mommy said...

so when i get to the end of the post i can see the words fatty mcbutterpants again ahahahaha its still hilarious. anyway codi HATES his arms in so I just swaddle him from the armpits down and let him leaves his arms out. it seems to work and pisses him off the least. porgie is going to totally lose her shit but izzy needs some sleep!