Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I left the house again!

Yesterday was a very busy day. I actually left the house in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Needless to say, I was exhausted by 4:00 pm.

On Monday, the kitchen light (which has two bulbs in it) would not work. That evening, we had to use a flashlight to navigate around the kitchen. John concluded that the light fixture must be bad. So yesterday morning, I ventured to Lowe's to buy a new fixture for the kitchen.

We came home, and I put Porgie down for her nap. She slept for about 30 minutes and was up crying. Ugh. Izzy was fussing and crying too, so we went to the park (it was like 70 degrees in new Jersey yesterday). Porgie was a nightmare. She cried because other kids were on the swings. She cried because other kids were on the slide. She cried because the wind blew.

We left the park and headed over to the doctor's office. Porgie had to get her second dose of the flu shot. She is one smart little cookie, because she started screaming in the waiting room when the nurse called her name. Of course, receiving the shot was very traumatic and everyone cried.

By the time we left, I had a splitting headache. I stopped at Dunkin Donuts and got a large strawberry shake. All my troubles melted away as I gulped down my lovely beverage. I had been off dairy for weeks to try to help Izzy's intestinal troubles, but it hasn't seemed to help. So, I am back on dairy.

We went home, where Porgie continued to whine and cry. John got home around 5:30 and put up the new kitchen light fixture. It turns out that our old fixture wasn't bad after all. We just had two bad light bulbs. DUH! But I don't blame John for thinking it was bad - how often do two light bulbs go bad at the same exact time?

Anyways, I was wiped last night. Izzy and I went to bed around 8:30. However, it did feel good to get out of the house again. Its just so damn hard to get both kids ready and fed before leaving. Fortunately, Izzy slept almost the entire time we were out, so that made life much easier. Call me crazy, but I think we are going to go out again this afternoon.


Lindz said...

Not crazy at all, I think it is so good for you. You get sleep at night and you get out of the house which has to help the blues! Poor lil P. is having a rough time lately though, isn't she?

Eva said...

Yay! I'm so glad!

Carrie said...

Yay! you've got great coping skills, even if you done believe it yourself!

A Mom Two Boys said...

Good for you! It gets a lot easier to get everyone up and out as time goes on. Just don't plan on getting anywhere EARLY ever again. Just. won't. happen.

Anything from Dunkin Donuts would make me feel better. So sad they're not anywhere near me anymore.

Have you tried Gripe Water for Izzy? I used it for Zach for the first few months and it seemed to work wonders. I'm new to your blog, so I apologize if I say what others have already said! :0)

Dooneybug said...

Momma gone wild! Yay for getting out and about!! I think the occasional jaunt out with both by yourself is good. I don't do it too often myself, but just enough to not feel like I know every crack in every wall in my living room.

That's too funny about the light. However, I bet you picked out a fixture that you like way better than the one that was originally there.

Lainey-Paney said...

good for you.
i'm proud of you.
i thought it was soooooooooo hard just to leave the house w/ Gage when he was little. How you seem to do it just amazes me!

Rachel said...

Not crazy at all-I am glad your getting out-I am hoping it gets easier.

Mojavi said...

getting out of the house is a really good thing... esp with two. Keeps the sanity.. at least I know it does with one so I am sure with two it is even more so!

It's not about the badge! said...

Oh man, Dunkin Donnuts.......How I miss that place.

Congrats on getting out and about. I used to hate just going to McD's by myself with E. Now that she can walk when we are out, it is much more fun!

Not So Perfect said...

Way to go. I still have a difficult time getting my one ready and out the door. I can only imagine how difficlut 2 would be.

Porgie and my Ella sound very similiar in there temperment.