Thursday, January 10, 2008

Body issues

Did you know that I have gestated two babies in my womb? While this fact is amazing, it is certainly not flattering to my abdomen. Dear friends, my body is in bad shape.

I have already returned to my pre-pregnancy weight, yet none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit my fat ass. It seems that my stomach is now flabby and saggy. Honestly, I get a little depressed every time I look in the mirror. To top things off, my new stretch marks make me look like a purple zebra. Ugh.

Don't let the above statements fool you into thinking that I am anywhere near my ideal weight, because I am not. My goal is to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before I had Porgie. I am a far way off from this goal. In fact, I have about 30 pounds to lose.

I am not good at losing weight, because I never alter the types of food that I eat. Instead, I just try to limit the amount that I eat. Of course, this rarely works because I have no willpower. I suppose that exercising wouldn't hurt, but who has the time or energy?

Since I can no longer wear my size 14 clothing and my maternity clothes are falling off of me, I suppose I have to go shopping. But where do I go? Any suggestions for plus size clothing stores? Ack. That sentence just made me shed a little tear.


Dooneybug said...

I am no help because I have the same problem. Actually, I'm 20 lbs lighter than before I got pregnant with #1, amazingly enough. But when I went to try on some jeans a couple weeks ago, I still hadn't gone down any size in the waist. How is this possible??? I hate the way I look in all my clothes because they are so baggy and falling off of me. Plus I'm short (5' 1") so I can't ever buy anything off the rack and have it fit in length. Even the petite clothes are too long. I feel like one of those frumpy, unsuspecting people on the What Not To Wear show. Ugh.

Not So Perfect said...

I have to chuckle a little..I feel the same way. I had a c-section so I have like this panus/apron over hanging thingy, ehh... I hear it never goes away unless you have surgery. ..tears. My old clothes will never fit the same.

Lane Bryant has cute clothes. Not that I am an expert in what cute is.

Suz said...

My closet??

That having been said, I go to Talbots where my sister prefers J. Jill. Talbots goes up to size 16 in the "regular" store so you don't have to go into the plus-size department if you don't want to.

It's two years after the twins and my stomach is still all saggy. Sigh.

Anth said...

Maybe try a Spanx. The one that goes from just under your bra down to the tops of your thighs. My friend got one when her fourth baby was a month old and she really liked it. It's a little pricey (38 for the regular, 72 I think for the one that actually hooks to your bra), but then some of your regular clothes might fit.

Eva said...

I'm confident you don't really need plus-sized clothes. I have the same issues and wear a lot of skirts (elastic waist, stretchy fabrics, long enough that I can sit on the floor) or stretchy corduroy pants with a belt with various kinds of knit shirts. I recommend the staples of Target and Old Navy, etc., and you know I wear thrift store clothes, too. Even shop online. I just ordered a bunch of stuff cheap from Old Navy online, got it, tried it on, took half of it back, very easy. Much easier than store shopping with kids!

Hey, as for exercise, I started doing just 15 mins a day and it's already having an effect! Exercise sucks, though.

Misguided Mommy said...

old navy is my best referal. they go up to size 18 or 20 in the store and the clothes are cheap enough to buy as stuff you are only going to wear till you lose weight. plus if you catch em on sale you can sometimes find jeans for 5 bucks. i hate my belly cuz of the c section..i have the section shelf you know the fat pack that sits just above your scar. gggrrrrrr

Em said...

Argh mate i know this feeling so much, but i have to say your been too hard on your self.

I have 3 boxes of clothes in our lost pre-preg UK10 think thats a US8? Preg (massive), post preg UK 16, post preg uk14 and i am now pre-preg weight same as my wedding day but would hells like my pre-preg UK10 clothes fit and my only child is 18months! My body shape i think will never be the same, plus i am a lazy arse and cant be bothered.

I cant actually get some of my jeans past my knees!!

I dont supose this coment is much help but at least your not on your own feeling like this!

Chas said...

I think that regardless of your build before pregnancy, those clothes just don't fit anymore even when you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight. Everything is just proportioned so differently.

Mojavi said...

I suggest you go here and smile we all feel that way.. but you are amazing :)

I love this site :)

Miss Manolo said...

Don't think plus size first of all, think of making a goal for yourself and not letting yourself have anything new until you meet that goal. Kinda harsh but tends to work and then you don't have tons of different sizes in your closet. You can do it!

MN Clampits said...

It sounds like you are talking about me! Seriously. Try Layne Bryant. I was just there this weekend and bought a cute pair of pj's, a pair of spring gouchos and 5 pair of undies! They have the best underwear. I love them.

I also love Gap. Online they go up to a size 22. Old Navy too, I love them and they are so inexpensive. I also found a line of clothes at Macy's... I think it is called Style & Co. I just got a black pair of dress pants this weekend there and they have great clearance racks.

Good luck and happy shopping. And remember, our kids are well worth anything our bodies were put through. You are beautiful.