Thursday, April 15, 2010

BIG news in the teeth department

So, I have braces. Where did that come from? On Monday I went in for x-rays and molds with my new orthodontist, and I walked out with a mouth full of metal. And I have to say, it is a little embarrassing and a lot uncomfortable.

Originally, my dentist told me that I was a candidate for Invisalign. For the last six months I told everyone that I was getting Invisalign. But when I went to see my new orthodontist, he basically told me that it would take 3+ years if I used Invisalign. And my results would most likely be less than desirable. So following his sage advice, I opted for regular old metal braces.

After selecting my braces, the doctor asked if I would like to get started immediately. I said yes. I left the orthodontist's office an hour later with braces. I feel very self conscious. I keep putting my hand in front of my mouth when I speak (which is just drawing more attention to my mouth, but I can't help myself). My lips are hurting. My teeth are hurting. My bank account is hurting (badly).

In case you are thinking about getting braces, I have to warn you - the first few days are painful. I mean PAINFUL. It literally hurts to eat bread. I am living off of yogurt and applesauce. If nothing else, hopefully this pain will result in some weight loss.

On the plus side, I am so excited to FINALLY have braces and be one step closer to having nice teeth. Of course, I still have lots of obstacles to overcome (have I told you about my transposed teeth?), but it feels good to be making progress.

How is that for a mixed bag of emotions?


Jenny said...

Way to go! I remember the dreaded pain for the first couple of days...biting anything hurt. Good luck though! You will have BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

I still remember that pain and I was 13 when I had braces!

I am sure you stll look beautiful!

Just Jiff said...

Yay!! I had braces once too and holy hell...they were AWFULLY PAINFUL!!

Amanda said...

I had a brace years ago when i was a teen, but i do remember the pain. I feel for you!

It will all be worth it though.

MK said...

Aww. I remember having them & I did the same hand/mouth thing. You'll get past it soon (most likely). They take awhile to get used to but by the time they're off you'll be the same way about not having them lol. Good luck!

amanda said...

honey this is huge news!!

i lived on kfc's mashed potatoes and gravy when i had mine. oh and lots of baby food. for real. and i cried a lot. bc i am a big baby like that :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I had braces a long time ago - but I do remember how sore my mouth was.

Just keep focusing on gorgeous your teeth will be when it's all over!

Chris said...

That is great, but painful news! You'll love your teeth when you're done and it will all be worth it.

antropologa said...

Eventually you'll be totally used to the braces, so that when they come OFF you will be freaked out by your giant white teeth!

kristi said...

OH man, I hope it gets better for ya!

misguided mommy said...

k so stuff.
1. i wanna see pics with braces
2. i had spacers i hated them HATED THEM more then the braces
3. right after i got my braces i bought a massive sub sandwich took one bight and started screaming from pain, then immediately freaked out because it was all stuck in my teeth. i ate nothing but soft brownies for a month