Friday, April 16, 2010

Being angry for no good reason

Today was the day from HELL. Things just kept going wrong. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and cranky. And things got ugly here in Cakerwakerville.

I had another orthodontist appointment this morning to place spacers between my back teeth. I didn't have a babysitter, so I had to take the kids with me. We arrived on time, and they promptly called me back to place the spacers. AWESOME!

When we left, Porgie kept asking me if we could have pizza for lunch. She was being so sweet and polite that I couldn't resist. I happily agreed to get pizza for lunch. It was only 11am, so we went to Target before heading to the pizza place. I managed to spend $80 (what the fuck did I buy?) and they were out of milk (fuckers). I got out to my car and looked over my receipt. I had given the cashier a coupon for toilet paper, which wasn't taken off. Grrrr. But how could I prove that I gave her the coupon? Annoyed that the stupid cashier didn't take off my $1.50 coupon, I left Target.

We quickly took our groceries home and headed to the pizza place. We went to a small local place, and they were packed. Every table in the restaurant was occupied. DAMMIT! I told Porgie that we could get the pizza to go and eat it at home, but she was heartbroken. She really wanted to eat inside the restaurant. So, I loaded the kids back into the van and we drove to another pizza place. This restaurant was also busy, but we did manage to get a table. And we waited and waited and waited. The waitress was soooooo slow. By this time it was nearly 1pm, and my kids were starving. After nearly 30 minutes, we finally received our food (which I couldn't eat because my fucking teeth HURT). As the minutes ticked by, I realized that there was no hope for a nap. This pizza thing was taking way too long.

Suddenly, I started getting horrible stomach pains. I desperately had to use the restroom. Not wanting to take two babies into a public restroom with me, I decided to drive home (quickly) to use the restroom. This might be too much information, but I barely made it. Barely.

After emerging from the bathroom, I sat down on the couch to relax. I was talking to the kids when suddenly one of my spacers popped out. Fuckity fuck fuck! I tried to floss the spacer back into place, but it didn't work. I called the orthodontist's office and they asked me to come back. So I loaded the kids into the car and off we went AGAIN.

By 5pm, I was a raving lunatic. I was angry and tired and hungry and annoyed. When my husband arrived home, I felt like ripping his head off and throwing it across the room.

I am just glad this day is almost over.


amanda said...

sounds like you need a hot bath, a stiff drink and an early bedtime!! sorry the day was crap friend - here's hoping it's all rainbows and unicorns tomorrow!

MK said...

Oh no! I hope tomorrow is better

Jeninacide said...

Holy crap! For a Friday that was the worst story ever! I hope your weekend makes up for it!

Jenny said...

just awful! hopefully today is much better for you and you can relax!

antropologa said...

That sucks, buddy. I'm sorry.

You should drink more alcohol.

Lindsay said...

ooo days like that are the worst! I hope today goes better!

Clare said...

sounds like one bad thing after another! i think i had that day on friday when bradley through a total meltdown, and ellie fussed for the afternoon. not fun! still adjusting to having both kids all day by myself. this is a ton of work!

Just Jiff said...

OMG. What an AWFUL day.

Hope tomorrow is better.