Monday, February 22, 2010

Motherhood is grand

Friday was a bad day. I began the morning by going to Kohls to look for a few hand towels (I have decided to make all of my SILs a set of crocheted hanging hand towels for Christmas). All of the nice hand towels were outrageous - like $10 per towel. What the hell? The hand towels at target are like $3.99 a piece. I scoffed at the prices and left the store empty handed.

Next we went to the dollar store, where my son had a completely melt down over a yo-yo. I have a one toy policy in that store, but apparently Izzy doesn't give a shit. He wanted a baton and a yo-yo. We bought the baton. I ended up carrying my flailing child out of the store as he screamed "YO-YO! YO-YO! YOOOO-YOOOOOOOOOO!" I know the damn toy only cost a dollar, but I wasn't giving in.

When we got home, and I put both kids down for a nap. I thought I was going to have a chance to rest and relax, but my children wouldn't go to sleep. Both of them whined off and on for an hour. It was the exact opposite of relaxing.

After getting the kids up, I decided to call my insurance company to check up on a claim I had appealed. It did not go well. The woman I talked too was rude and completely unhelpful. And I think she hung up on me! After arguing with her for 10 minutes, the line went dead. It could have been an accident, but I am fairly certain that she hung up on me. Bitch.

And for the remainder of the evening Izzy was a terror. He kept pulling my hair and hitting Porgie. I knew it was because he was overtired, but that didn't make the situation any better. I yelled, he cried. Then he went to bed, and I felt bad about my horrible parenting skills.

Unfortunately, the weekend wasn't much better. They didn't have cocoa powder at the grocery store, I went to buy my mother's plane ticket and was shocked to discover that the prices had DOUBLED in the course of 24 hours, and I spent way too much money at various stores this weekend, thus blowing the February budget.

I have my fingers crossed that things will be looking up this week.


Just Jiff said...

I hate weekends like that. Makes you really need a break from your life sometimes.

Hope you have a better week!

Jeninacide said...

I have discovered that the key to me remaining SANE with my son is a looong trip to the park to wear him out and then the 2-hour nap that follows. Although I can only do that when it's not effing raining...

I have TOTALLY effed my February budget. I do not know what is wrong with me. I've probably effed it up for March too. Dammit.

amanda said...

oh holy hockey sticks - that was a bad day friend. so very sorry. from the hand towels to the yo-yo to the airline ticket. sorry for it all.

and truly hoping this week is YOUR week!!

Clare said...

i hate when we have a horrible morning, and then that sets the tone for the rest of the day. booo!

Chris said...

Hate bad days like that. Where everything seems to be going against you.... HOpe the week is better!