Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Presidents Day Kicked My Ass

On Monday, I woke up and realized that I desperately needed to mail a few things. I got my packages ready, bundled up the kids, and drove to the post office. When I pulled into the empty parking lot, I was baffled. The post office is closed? On February 15th? What holiday is on February 15th? I didn't realize that is was Presidents Day until later that morning.

Fast forward to the afternoon. The weatherman was forecasting a few inches of snow, so I decided that I had to go to the library to get some good reading material before the storm hit. I bundled up the kids and drove to the library. There was only one car in the parking lot, which I thought was strange. We walked to the front of the library. The doors were locked. Once again, I was baffled. Why would the library randomly be closed on a Monday? I didn't realize that it was Presidents Day until I was driving home.

In closing, Presidents Day is lame.


Just Jiff said...

Retarded unless you work for the state, then you get a paid day off like I did! :)

It's lame otherwise.

Clare said...

i agree! everything was shut down here!

Anonymous said...

Today is my lucky day :)
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amanda said...

sorry friend. i had no idea it was so early this year. it threw me for a loop too!