Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My so called life

My cousin is coming to NJ to visit this weekend. She is flying in on Friday and is leaving on Sunday. I have been trying to organize and clean the house for her arrival, but I have made very little progress. I still need to clean the living room & kitchen, wash the kitchen curtains & rugs, finish the laundry, go to the grocery store, bake & decorate Izzy's birthday cupcakes, and sew two sets of curtains. Additionally, I have to go to the craft store to buy some goofy foam hats that I promised Porgie I would buy for Izzy's birthday. GAH!

In other news, my dentist appointment went well on Saturday. I spent almost an hour talking to the doctor. It was a very informative session. I learned that some of the things I wanted to have done might not be possible, which was disappointing. I know that I am vague about some of these dental issues, but it is only because I have several underlying problems that would take entirely too much time to explain. And really - do you even care? Probably not.

I have almost finished my Christmas shopping, which is a relief. I love Christmas, but it is really a strain on our budget. And I feel guilty every time I buy something for my side of the family, which is just silly. John has decided not to buy presents for his side of the family. He is an old Scrooge. We are putting up our Christmas tree next week, and I am super excited. SUPER DUPER EXCITED!

I have updated you on my boring life. You are welcome.


Mama Kalila said...

Glad to hear your appointment went well even if some of it was disappointing. Hope you have fun w/ your cousin! We haven't even started Christmas shopping lol. I'm actually dreading thinking about it for once..

Midwest Mommy said...

Usually my mother is the first one in September to tell me she is done Christmas shopping. This year she is not and it has been nice not to hear of anyone being done. Well, that was until this morning when I read your blog. Now I hate you, lol.

Just Jiff said...

Yay for all of it! :)

And hope you get it all done today.

Antropóloga said...

Usually we don't do any Christmas decorating until the day after Thanksgiving, but since it won't be at our house this year, I may relax the rules. I got some decor at the Dollar Tree since all our Xmas stuff is in storage this year.

I think I'm just buying everyone online food this year, or animals from the Heifer Project.

Have fun with your cousin!

Bon said...

here i was, all happy to be here, thinking how much i'd been missing catch up with you and all my blogland friends, and you go and tell me you're DONE Christmas shopping? or nearly?

i'm not sure i can talk to you anymore. :)

Mary said...

I'm impressed! I've barely started any of my Christmas shopping this year. I'm really behind on everything.

Rachel said...

It all sounds good momma! You are hardcore!!

amanda said...

ps i love your boring life :)

Nellie said...

Done with Christmas shopping?

Please don't say things like that anymore. I can't take it.