Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dentist Stuff

I know this sounds bizarre, but I think having dental work done was causing me to slip into a depression. I wasn't sleeping well at night. I would wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about my teeth. Usually these thoughts revolved around money. Dental work is EXPENSIVE. I literally went weeks without a decent night's sleep. I was crying a lot too, which is completely out of character. I was feeling sad about everything - my childhood, my appearance, my finances, blah, blah, blah.

I decided that part of my anxiety was related to the fact that I didn't particularly like my dentist. So, I switched practices. My new dentist is only open late one night per week. Additionally, his office is only open one Saturday morning per month. This is tough, because I can't go during the day and the evening hours fill up super quick. So, I have been waiting for a month to see my new doctor. At first, I was pissed and thought about finding another doctor. But honestly, I think I needed that break. I have stopped worrying about all of my problems, and I can actually fall asleep at night without a thought in my head. It is amazing!

My 1st appointment is scheduled for Saturday. I am dreading the experience, but I am also excited to be moving forward again. Wish me luck!


Eva said...

I used to have lots of nightmares about teeth stuff when I was going through all my years of dental work. I guess teeth are a big deal to the unconscious! Good look.

Mama Kalila said...

I've had teeth nightmares too. They're awful. I hope your new dentist is better and glad things are easier with the break!

J'Ollie Primitives said...

Doesn't sound at all bizarre. If I was having lots of work done, I'd want to be at the mercy of a trusted dentist.
My last visit was to the office of Dr. Blood and Dr. Payne ~ no joke. For extractions. It was bloody and ummmmmmm uncomfortable. (no Payne jokes, I don't want you to get psyched out!) If there's a next time, I'll go back to my out-of-network dental guru. He's SO nice ~ it's not scary to have work done there!

Clare said...

i hope it all goes well! the dentist is such a miserable experience. i am so sorry you were laying in bed worrying about it all, thinking of you!!

amanda said...

sorry friend. i didn't know this was weighing on you so heavily...i think the new doctor will be just what you needed!

Jenny said...

i am right there with you...the dentist gives me horrible anxiety. glad you have an appointment thought with a doc you like.

remember deep can do it!

Just Jiff said...

Dental visits are scary until you find the right dentist. Mine gives everyone nitrous oxide for free because 1. Insurance companies won't pay for it. 2. It makes his job easier when you're relaxed. :)

Needless to say, I don't care if I get a cavity. I get to space out for a while. lol

Yes, it's expensive. That part sucks.