Saturday, November 14, 2009

Being a Jerk

So, Izzy's birthday is fast approaching. I have been slacking off and put off sending out his party invitations until earlier this week. Trying to save money, I decided to print the invitations from our home computer. Izzy's party theme is "balls." My baby boy loves balls - big balls, little balls, basketballs, footballs, tennis balls. If it is round and can roll, my son will squeal with joy. So naturally, I wanted the invitations to have balls on them.

We already had Avery postcards, so I went on their website to find a template for the invitations. Unfortunately, I was having trouble opening their templates in my word processor. John told me that he could print them without the template in a photo program on his computer. So, I relinquished the birthday invitations over to my husband. An hour later, he handed me an invitation that wasn't anything like what I had envisioned. I wanted a postcard with a picture of balls on the front. On the back, I wanted all the party information typed on the left hand side and the recipient's address on the right hand side. Instead, I got a black and white fox kicking a soccer ball on the front and a blank slant on the back. But my husband seemed pretty proud of his accomplishment, so I thanked him and started hand writing in all the party information.

When I finished, I decided that I hated the invitations. I didn't particularly like the picture on the front, and the hand written party information just looked sloppy. By this time my husband had gone to bed, so I got back on Avery's website and found a template that worked great. I imported the perfect picture of balls...And I typed in all of the party information. My new and improved invitations looked AWESOME. So, I hurried downstairs and printed them out. Of course, I am a jackass and I didn't put the paper in the right way the first time, so it printed wrong. But I got it right on the second attempt. I slapped some stamps on those suckers and put them in the mail box.

I had absolutely no intentions of telling my husband about the new and improved party invitations. But as I stated above, I am a jackass. Remember my first failed attempt at printing the invitations? Well, I may have accidentally left the defective invitations on his desk. Oops. My husband came upstairs this morning and demanded to know why I had reprinted his invitations. My only reply was, "Because I am a jerk."

Seriously, I am the world's biggest jerk. Why does everything have to be done my way? I am a control freak. I think I hurt John's feelings. I suck.


Mama Kalila said...

Ouch! But you know what? I would have done the same thing...

Antropóloga said...

Well if he did it stupidly, then it's his fault! At least in my world.

Cristina Mathers said...

i am the same, and i am sure that he will understand. my husband wouldn't have ever even attempted that!!

Just Jiff said...

I have nothing but this: always destroy the evidence!

That doesn't help NOW, of course.

But I'm like you; I like things done a certain way. It's hard to give up control and when you want things a certain way, the man never seems to hear what you're asking for. In my experience, that is.

Damage is done, so just apologize and find some way to let HIM decorate for Izzy's party. Get him involved and let him do something pretty big. That will hopefully make up for it. :)

Lainey-Paney said...

Well, at least you admitted it.
And, if the new ones look better, then they just look better.