Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things are better and worse

Where has all the time gone? I have been trapped in my house with vomiting babies for an entire week - 7 WHOLE DAYS. Although my children have been annoying, my husband has been unbearable. Seriously, he is the most obnoxious sick person. It was too much to bear - the whining, the moaning, the complaining, the demanding, the mopping, and the detailed accounts of his every ache and pain. AHHHHH! By Friday evening, we were arguing about all kinds of stupid shit - the Obama Administration, sterilization in China, and conservative Republicans. It was a rough evening. On the bright side, I am feeling much better today. Although the kids are still vomiting occasionally, they seem to be in good spirits.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that we are going to have some problems with Porgie's puking. Remember when we went through that whole "puking to get attention" phase in the summer? I am not positive, but I think Porgie might have forced some of her most recent puking episodes. Ugh. Damn kids. They make everything so hard. I know that this sounds crazy, but I feel like I have completely failed Porgie in the eating department. She doesn't like to sit in her highchair, she usually refuses to feed herself, and she thinks that puking is a great way to manipulate me at mealtimes. All of these things are my fault. We are obviously deeply entrenched in a food power struggle, but I am having trouble letting go of my power. And my baby girl is the one suffering. I suck.

I am definitely in a funk right now. I need more sunlight. I need more adult conversation. I need more alone time. But ultimately, I just need to leave the damn house.


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Oh honey, it's not your fault. Kids will be kids.

I have no great advice on the puking for attention front, I had a 2 year old girl at school do that whenever her mom left her and it totally freaked me out! We just ignored it and that seemed to help. Puke is a hard thing to ignore though!

I think you need to tell your husband that he has the kids for the week because you are taking a roadtrip to KS to see a wonderful bloggy friend:) Oh the fun we would have:)

Dooneybug said...

Sorry you have all been sick and home bound! Sounds awful. Hope everyone is back on their "A" game soon.

I was going to say what Heather said - just ignore the puking that is forced. I know that is very, very hard to do that but it seems like with all power struggles (potty training as an example), the more you pay attention to it, the more they'll do what drives you batty. If she throws up just clean it up and don't look at her and don't say a word. She'll realize that she's not getting the reaction she wants out of you and will most likely stop. If it were to continue, I'd talk to the pediatrician.

dani said...

get outta there, christy, and go to target or walmart or florida or somewhere!!!

MarvelousMOM said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. That is a long time of sick kids and a husband. Eli is a bit whiny when he is sick too...very annoying. The whole puking for attention thing is hard. We dealt with it as well with Seth for a bit. I don't know that he did it for attention, but when he didn't want to finish his dinner and go play, he would make himself. Rather than cleaning him up and letting him get down, we would clean him up and make him sit. He didn't like that so much.

Thinking of you. Hope you get out soon.

Amanda said...

I can understand why you are beginning to suffer from Cabin Fever! Try to even get to the supermarket for an hour on your own, or anywhere!
Amanda x

Nellie said...

My mom, who never gets sick just came down with this same crap on Tuesday... she was out cold for 3 days, other than pooping and puking... I think Saturday was the first time she left the house. Yuck. I feel terrible for you. I can't imagine the 2 babies and then to throw a 3rd MUCH bigger baby on top of that... wow. Sorry girl.

Eva said...

That sucks. I'm so sorry.

I say just put food you want her to eat out on a low table (maybe with a chair available) and take it away after an hour and try not to pay any attention. After a week I bet it'll be a non-issue!

Easy for me to say!

iMommy said...

Got a Barnes & Noble nearby that you could escape to at the first chance? I usually find that really relaxing.

amanda said...

get out friend. get out now. give the hubby a kiss and walk away. go to target right now. you don't even have to buy anything. wait yes you do. you walk in the front door and pick you out a special drink and then you walk each. and. every. stinkin aisle. take your time. breath deep. no puke just that wonderful smell of freedom. i mean target :)

chris said...

I agree with Amanda's idea. Get out and get some fresh air. Go wander around a mall or something. You'll be so much more mentally prepared to take care of everybody. Hope the germs disappear soon!

Tabitha said...

Christy ~ I hope all the puke is over soon!
Hope there is more sunshine on the way!!
Take care ~ love and big hugs Tabitha XXXX

Nancy said...

Wow I'm so sorry everyone is so sick! I hope you get a much needed and earned break soon!

Anonymous said...

I am completely understanding where you are coming from!
Can't say I ever dealt with the puke thing, but as any type of attention issue goes..praise the good stuff and ignore/don't make a big deal about the bad stuff. That would be so hard since its puke...but still I think I would still try and act unphased! Good luck! :) Here is to fresh air!!!

Jiff said...

Just offering a guess here...but you've said yourself that you are controlling...maybe Porgie is just like you and she needs an easier food routine. What would that be? I have no idea. So really, I'm no help at all. You can scream at me.

However, I DO know that men are the biggest effin babies on the planet when they're sick. My husband was sick a week or so ago. He was laying on the couch watching tv. I never heard a peep from him until I walked into the room. Then the moaning and whimpering started. I'm NOT kidding. He's that pitiful.

Bring your kiddos to me and I'll watch them so you can go to Target. :)

Jeninacide said...

Ugh I feel for you! Cole does this thing where he gags himself all the time by sticking his hand down his throat. He has never actually puked but I am sure that is right around the corner.

I feel like most kids go through stages when they suck at eating. The best you can do is offer her healthy meals and then she can eat it or not... obviously as long as she's not "failing to thrive".

I need more sunlight too. I have decided to go to Puerto Rico for a week. You should come with : )

Anonymous said...

Yes you do....I hope you get some alone time soon. When your hubby gets home....leave him with the kids and you run to Target or something...anything to get away for a little while.