Sunday, December 30, 2007

sleep and stuff

Porgie is back to her old self again, so the mood in our house has taken a sudden turn for the better. I guess having a toddler cry and whine for endless hours can really grate on your nerves. Anyways, we are all feeling happier and healthier!

Now, let's move on to my favorite topic - sleep. Izzy is a manic at night. I swear my child wakes up to breastfeed at least 6 times per night. Last night we went to bed at 10:00. He woke up at 12:30, 2:00, 3:30, 4:00, 6:00, and was up for the day at 8:00. Maybe co-sleeping isn't for little Izzy. I think I am waking him with my movements, and then he wants to nurse to get back to sleep. So, I am considering trying the bassinet again.

The reason co-sleeping is so nice, is because I don't have to move him to the bassinet, while praying that he doesn't wake up. But if it means more sleep, I think I might give it a try again. I feel like a damn zombie. And the headaches. Oh, the headaches.

And to any of my readers who don't have children or who have children who are excellent sleepers, please do not ask a severely sleep deprived mommy if her 5 week old is sleeping through the night yet. She might lunge across the table and strangle you. Seriously.

Other than sleep issues, things have been going pretty smoothly lately. I LOVE the Christmas season this year because all of the holidays fell on weekdays. So, that means the John gets four paid holidays off in a mere 2 weeks. Very nice.

Our neighbors invited us to a little New Year's Eve party tomorrow. We are probably going to take the kids over for a while. I fear taking my babies around other people, because I don't want them to be sick anymore. But I can't stay in the house forever, so we will go and be social.

So what are you doing for New Years?


Lainey-Paney said...

Not sure yet.
My husband's buddy owns a, maybe we'll go there to ring in the new year.
We've got a sitter lined up, but I have to work a dayshift on both NY Eve & NY day!

karla said...

Happy New Year Christy!

I think I would have strangled someone too if I was asked if Nate was sleeping thru the night at 5 weeks old.

Em said...

We are off to my brothers big overly posh house, kids can play for a while then bed and adults get plasted and i have to try not so spill anything on their cream red wine

Em said...

Yes another coment! Just been reading back through your posts not been online for few days.....jesus your having it tough! Poor little miss been ill again and sleep deprivartion is horrid - i feel for you!

Eva said...

I don't think I even know when New Year's Eve is. So, nothing.

I'm so glad Porgie is feeling better!

Go have fun at that party!

Amber said...

I'm glad Porgie is feeling better, such a relief for you I'm sure! I hope Izzy starts sleeping more for you soon though! As for New Year's Eve I am staying at home playing Guitar Hero III because I have no money to spend on drinks and no babysitter! ;-) It shall be fun though! Happy New Year!

It's not about the badge! said...

Happy New Year's!!! I am glad to here that Porgie is back to normal. Have a great time tonight!

Bon said...

we're sitting in the house with a storm swirling around us, drinking. wishing our respective computer friends happy new year.

we're wild folk.

it's kinda fun.

hope 2008 brings - eventually, in good time - much rest and joy, Christy.

S said...

Happy New Year!

We went out to an early dinner and K flirted with a couple girls. Other than that, we're living it up wild style by watching the Mythbusters marathon. WoooooHooooo!

Chas said...

Oh, I hope the bassinet works for you! I'd have done anything to get Lila to sleep when she was that age.

Rachel said...

We just stayed in. It was nice-I cooked a nice dinner and we toasted with grape juice-we don't drink and that was new years.

MN Clampits said...

Oh, we had no plans for new years until the last minute... come on over and look at the pics and the menu... we had a blast... got a last minute, free sitter and went out with my family.

I hope you had a nice new years and that your kids stay healthy! We have had some major sickness here in the last 2 months. Puky/poopy flu, colds, sinus infections and strep. Not fun.
It seems to all be gone for now... although today E was a bit whiny and had a major runny nose. Hopefully tomorrow she is better, she's in bed now. Sorry, but I do have a real good sleeper here. She's in by by 7:30 and lately has been sleeping til between 7-9 a.m. I don't know if I'm ready for another yet?! I really like my sleep!!!!!