Saturday, December 15, 2007

I can't stop talking about boobs

Porgie is sick. Really sick. She has been coughing so hard, she vomits. She coughs so hard, she wakes me up at night. She coughs so hard, she wakes Izzy up from his naps. I feel so bad for her. Due to our recent encounters with sinus and ear infections, I decided to take her to the doctor's office yesterday. Turns out it is just a cold - no ear infections, no sinus infections, and no strep throat.

I am kind of worried about this particular cold, because Porgie keeps coughing on her little brother. She likes to give him hugs and kisses, and I don't want to discourage her newfound love of Izzy. I know that she is going to give him her cold, and he is just too little to be sick already.

In other news, we have introduced the bottle to Izzy. On Thursday, I tried to give him a bottle of breastmilk, without much luck. He refused to suck on the nipple, and just ended up crying. Last night, John gave Izzy another bottle of breastmilk. John was successful in his attempt, and Izzy drank 2 oz from the bottle. I wanted to pump a few more ounces this morning, but Izzy nursed every hour. So, I guess I am not going to pump.

Izzy is still nursing frantically. He just never seems to be full. It makes me worry about my supply. At his last appointment Izzy weighed 10lb 5 oz, so I have to have a decent supply - right? Ack. I am so sick of talking about breastfeeding, but once again, it has consumed my life. I promise, this is the last post about breastfeeding for a while. I feel like I am alienating some of readers, and that sucks.


Eva said...

Your supply sounds great. I'm sure it's just the normal newborn thing when they want to eat all the time. It will cool off. I'm so sorry Porgie has been sick, but I'm glad it's not serious. I bet Izzy won't get sick. He's eating a very healthy diet!

Eva said...

And of course you are going to talk about breastfeeding--that's what you're consumed by right now! I for one am happy to read whatever you write. I love to hear about you guys!

Papa Bradstein said...

I came over here from Life is Just So Daily, and I've been lurking for a little while, enjoying reading about your newest baby, thinking about what it will be like to have our second one. A few things about today's post that got me to delurk:

That cold sucks. We all have it in one form or another, so I truly feel for Porgie. Here's hoping that Izzy doesn't get it, but I was always surprised at how resilient 3B was when he was so little. Then again, he was working of Mama's immune system through breastfeeding, so I'm sure that helped, as it will with Izzy.

Oh, the worries about breastfeeding. I'm just one reader, but you'll never drive me away by talking about your worries about breastfeeding. Reading this brings back all of the exact same worries that we had--is he getting enough? bottle or breast? even though he's gaining weight, how do we know it's going well? and on and on and on and on. I don't even recall when we stopped worrying about breastfeeding because as soon as 3B started eating solid food, we worried about that--what should he eat? how much? when? should he keep breastfeeding? for how long? and on and on and on and on. And we still worry about it.

I guess that I see it as nature's way of making sure that our kids get enough to eat. Sure, it's irritating to us now (and to them later, when they come home from college and we say, "You're so thin. Why don't you eat? When did I become a Jewish mother?"), but I think that the worry serves a purpose. It's OK that you worry, and most important, it sounds like Izzy is doing OK. If he wasn't, I'm sure there would be other signs, and that the nurses and doctors would notice--that's a big reason for all these early appointments, after all.

Hang in there. You're doing great with both of your beautiful kids.

Amber said...

I hope Porgie feels better! Luckily so far my kids have managed to stay mostly sick free this season! And no worries on the breastfeeding talk!

S said...

I hope you all feel better soon!

I don't mind the breastfeeding talk. I felt like such a loaner when I was having a difficult time with it so I'm "taking notes" for the (hopeful) next time. : -)

Misguided Mommy said...

you sound just like me but as long as he is peeing and pooping hes fine..also at 3 weeks they have a growth spurt and nurse non stop so dont fret

Misguided Mommy said...

oh ya did i tell you about the new gerber nuk bottle it rocks and seriously is just like our nipple

Eva said...

We've all had the same cough over here. It stinks, and is slow to go away. Adding a humidifier to our house has helped a bit. I haven't tried honey yet, but have you read about this study?
Could be worth a shot.
I've been exactly where you are with the breastfeeding, always worrying about whether they're getting enough. Of course it consumes you (and feels like he's literally consuming your body). You have to talk about it, it is your life. Don't feel guilty. Where do you stand on pacifiers? We had them for a while (they gave them in the NICU) and then I freaked out about nipple confusion and confiscated them. But I do think sometimes they were nursing to suck more than to nurse. You could try a pinky, that worked for me sometimes.

You are doing great! Sounds like (except for the cough) everyone is thriving and you should be proud of all you've done so far.

Rachel said...

Yeah your supply sounds great and it sounds like he just likes to nurse a lot. He probably won't take the bottle from you since he can smell your milk. Smart baby. Max would not take a bottle from me for a very long time-until he was about 8 months.

As for Porgie-try to give her some pear to moisten the lungs. I can also call you and we can talk some food suggestions for her. Also maybe some mollasses in her milk to moisten the lungs too!

Em said...

Yep your supply sounds great, have a read at a site called kellymom google it everything you could ever wich to know about BFing on it!

Hope Porg is better soon!

Carrie said...

Good god girl! Keep talking about breastfeeding! How else am I suspose to learn?

MamaChing said...

I totally remember this. I had a seriously abundant supply of milk with my son. He nursed a lot too. My doctor said that the more frequent that babies eat they never tend to fill all the way if they are nursing every hour. Maybe spacing his feedings would help him to fill and not nurse so often.

Poor Porgie I hope she gets over her cold. It makes you feel so helpless when there isn't much you can do. Tyler just got over Croup and the coughing to gagging to choking and throwing up made me feel so useless.

Anonymous said...

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