Friday, December 21, 2007


Since Izzy's birth, I haven't really discussed Porgie - except to complain. But in reality, she is what keeps me going, even though I am exhausted and weary and overwhelmed. So this post is going to be all about my beautiful baby girl.

We had Porgie's 18 month appointment a few weeks ago. It didn't go very well. Porgie lost a pound since her 15 month appointment, which worries me - of course. Then, the doctor listened to her heart murmur, and decided that Porgie needs to be seen by a cardiologist. AHHH! Although the murmur still sounds "innocent," the doctor is worried because it has been persistent since she was born. So, now I have to take her for chest x-rays and to see a heart specialist. I am probably going to have a heart attack before Porgie even visits the cardiologist.

On the language front, Porgie is learning lots of new words. Although it is kind of disturbing, she can now say "Elmo," "Ernie," and "Oscar" (What? She only watches 18 hours of TV a day) . She looks at our Christmas tree and exclaims, "So pretty!" Whenever Porgie is eating she says, "Mmmmmm" and "Yummy," regardless of whether or not she actually likes the food. Because she is destined to be a super star, Porgie has also started singing. She knows three songs - the "la la la la la" chorus from a Seasame Street song, "e-i-e-i-o" from Old McDonald, and "Yummy, yummy, yummy" from a mommy made song (I am very talented. I make up lots of retarded songs for Porgie's listening pleasure).

Porgie also has a new best friend. His name is Night-night. He is a pink blanket, who has been tied into two knots (I have no idea why I ALWAYS refer to her PINK blanket as a male). She frigging loves her blanket, and cries for him ALL the time. When Porgie used to get hurt, she cried for mommy. Now she cries for Night-night. Enough said.

Porgie has started imitating everything we do. She tries to brush her hair, put on her shoes, take her own temperature, turn over the Diaper Champ, etc. It is very cute to watch her try, in vain, to accomplish these tasks.

Of course, with the good comes the bad. Porgie has discovered the art of throwing a tantrum. She isn't terrible or overly dramatic, but she has been throwing a fit when I don't do what she wants me to do - like turn on her Baby Einstein video for the one billionth time. She will actually throw the remote at me (which usually ends up hitting Izzy). In turn, I find myself speaking to her in a harsh tone. It is hard for me to redirect her attention, because I usually have a baby attached to my boob. So, we are working on this one. Any suggestions?

In a nutshell, my baby is growing and developing and becoming her own little person. Porgie is changing so quickly, its hard for me to even keep track of the amazing things she does. I feel like she has offically left babyhood, and is quickly approaching childhood. Where did all the time go?


S said...

I'm not so good at re-direction, but then again I'm only dealing with one and you have two!
Kudos for you even trying!

K is in the throes of becoming his own little person, which includes tantrums as well. I read, and sorry I can't remember where (but I'll look it up if you want), that kids can't switch from one activity to another like turning off a light switch. They need time to adjust. So I tell K that in 10 minutes its time for _____________. Then I tell him when there are 5 min. left, 2 min. left, etc. When it's time to switch activities and he throws a fit I tell him "remember I told you you had 10 min. to play, then 5 and now it's time to do __________? remember? yes, you do, don't you?" and the thing is he does remember and the fit usually ends.

I don't know if that will help, but maybe. If not, then I've just worked on my typing skills because this post is really freaking long! HA!

It's not about the badge! said...

I also have no advise for re-direction. I do know that E also throws the tantrums now especially when we turn off the Shrek so that we can watch normal people TV. We have decided the best way to deal with the tantrum is to let her have it. Then after a few moments she finds a toy and is happy again.

E also like to throw things and hit when she does not get her way. We are currently trying to find a way to end this little problem.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Papa Bradstein said...

I have all the same questions about where the time has gone. As a Papa of a 17-month old, I feel the same about him going from baby to boy. I don't know anything about redirecting, but a tip about the blanket, which I'm passing on from my sisters: get Izzy hooked on a burp diaper as his lovie. Sure, it's not as sentimental as a cute blankie, but if you get him hooked on a plain, white cloth diaper, you'll always have one around, you can always get more when they get too old or dirty, and you always have a burp diaper around when there's a mess. And when isn't there a mess? Plus, we just leave some in the car, the stroller, and every room of the house. The only downside we've found is that with lovies scattered through the house, 3B has developed a need to have one in each hand, but we have (almost) never been without one.

I hope you figure out the redirection thing and not just because I hope that you write about what works, so we can use it when we have our next baby.

Eva said...

Aww, she sounds like such a big girl. So cute. :) Baby tries to do everything we do, too. Hopefully the tantrums will end once she learns they don't work (after months and months, but you know, sometime). Good luck with the cardiologist. I hope it's very boring.

Eva said...

She sounds like so much fun (minus the trantrums). I keep thinking the current age is the best, but I do love this 12 to 18 month age.

Not sure that it's relevant, but I did have a heart murmur through my teen years, and it's gone now. My ped never sent me to a cardio but I think doctors were less cautious then (less fear of lawsuits etc.). Hopefully hers will be equally minor.

Hope Izzy feels better soon. S. used to get similar pains. Sometimes pumping her legs into her stomach and then pulling them straight would help her feel better. Also making sure she was not lying flat for 1/2 hour after eating.

Em said...

This all sounds like Billy, its amazing what they learn now. I remember i used to post every new thing he did and now i dont stand a chance there is too much.

I am quite a tough Mummy, i know that and i know i a dont let anything slip. The impact of that is when i say at at to distract he stops there and then.

Anonymous said...

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