Monday, February 13, 2012

Change is hard

Someone asked why I decided to unswaddle Guppy.  Really, there is no good reason to keep swaddling him.  My baby boy is a week shy of 6 months, and he still takes measly 30 minutes naps.  Additionally, he wakes a lot at night too.  The whole purpose of swaddling is to help a baby settle down and sleep longer.  Since the swaddling obviously wasn't helping Guppy sleep, I decided to just get rid of the damn blanket.

Things have improved somewhat, but they are still not great.  I can now transfer Guppy from my arm to the swing without waking him.  When he does awaken during the transfer, I have to turn on the swing to get him to settle back down. But for most of his naps, I can just sit him in the swing without turning it on.  For some strange reason he wakes up whenever I lay him down in his crib.  So, we are still working on this one.

Not wanting to stress everyone out too much, I decided to work on naps first and then move on to bedtime.  It was my intention to start unswaddling at night this week, but my baby boy is suffering through a nasty cold right now.  I think I'll wait until he is feeling better before I unswaddle him at night.

When guppy is completely unswaddled and his sleeping has returned to normal, I want to move him to his crib in his own bedroom.  After all, my baby boy is getting big.  I want him out of my bed before he can crawl.

So, that is why I unswaddled my wee little babe.


amanda said...

the transitions used to kill me. from arms to swing. from arms to crib. from arms to just next to me bc i couldn't feel my arms anymore!

change is hard.

May said...

I feel so special for having a post just answering the UNSADDLING ;-)
Well.... good luck,,, as Amanda said "change is hard"It certainly is.
I still wake up to find my 7 and 6 year old in bed with me ,,,, ALL KIDS WANT TO STAY IN THEIR PARENTS BED FOREVER it seems.

My baby boy is 13 months,,,, he sleeps in his own room, but when he is sick, or just whinny he ends up in the pack n play in our room. He fell of our bed the FIRST time when he was a week shy of 6 months,,, he rolled and rolled and then BAM and BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM... so BE-CAREFUL as our pediatrician said "the first of many" meaning first fall. My husband would bring him first thing in the morning before work into my bed, to nurse, and that day i was so exhausted, i thought my 6 year old was in bed on the other side, but my 6 year old had gotten up and was watching TV with his big brother. I had fallen back to sleep (thinking 6 year old is on other side of bed as a barrier to a much dreaded fall) and then the SCREAM, CRY, AND THE INEVITABLE GUILT by me. I never nurse him in my bed again,,, and then he weaned completely by 8 months. Anyways, he has had 3 falls since,,, 2 in from our bed and 1 from a hotel bed... its just the WORSE feeling in the WORLD,,, but KIDS ,,, things happen and they are all in GODS HAND,,, May God protect all our kids everywhere. Good luck with Guppy, I HOPE he is in the road to better sleep.

antropologa said...

I hope he is better very soon!