Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby led weaning?

I am strongly leaning toward baby led weaning with Guppy.  We largely did finger foods with Izzy, and he is the world's best eater.  Seriously, that child will eat anything you put in front of him.  My daughter, who I spoon fed mush, is the world's pickiest eater (That isn't enitrely true.  She will eat almost anything NOW, but we struggled for years to get to this point.).  So, my past experiences have led me to believe that letting babies feed themselves will result in more adventurous eaters. 

I am actually very excited to start solids with Guppy.  He has been nursing ALL THE FREAKING TIME lately.  My baby boy can barely make it 2 hours without nursing during the day.  And by that point, he is starving.  I know I have a good milk supply, because he is a chunky little monkey.  I think he just needs something more substantial to fill his little belly.  Izzy had lots of tummy issues as a baby, so I want to play it safe with Guppy and wait until that magic 6 month mark before beginning solids.  And besides, I want my baby to stay little and newborn-like for as long as possible.  Why do my children keep growing up so darn fast?


MK said...

I know you know this... but growth spurts! Gotta love em lol.

I def recommend BLW. We did it with ZJ and it was so much easier... Kalila got the purees and she doesn't have the picky problem, but she doesn't know when to stop eating. And that problem is getting worse as she gets older.

Clare said...

he is so so cute!!

amanda said...

every two hours?!?! oh honey!!

antropologa said...

Try some food! It's fun!