Sunday, March 28, 2010

How do I earn more Swagbucks?

It is time for another Swagbucks post. As of today, I have earn $130 in Amazon gift cards. I think it is safe to say that Christmas is going to be FREE this year. I know that some of you have signed up and are really enjoying the program. And other people have signed up, but then abandoned the program. Today I wanted to share a few tips and secrets with you, so that you can earn the maximum amount of swagbucks possible, with the least amount of effort.

The easiest way to earn swagbucks is through basic internet searches. If you use their search engine everyday, you are guaranteed to get at least 10 swagbucks. Some days you will be rewarded with even more. I have been using their search engine for 5 months, and I have been rewarded with swagbucks EVERY SINGLE DAY. You won't win on every search, but if you search at least a few times per day, you will receive something. So let's do a little math. 10 swagbucks per day for searching x 30 days = At least 300 points in a month. Not too bad.

In addition to earning swagbucks through searches, they release one or two swag codes per day too. Now to get these codes, you have to keep your eyes peeled. However, there are lots of sites that do most of the searching for you, like this one. If you get all the swag codes released, you will earn at least 10 more swagbucks per day. Let's do some more math. 10 swagbucks per day for codes x 30 days - At least 300 points in a month. Once again, not too bad.

Now lets add everything up. 300 + 300 = 600 points per month. 600 x 12 months = 7,200 points per year. $5 Amazon gift cards are the best deal for your points, and they cost 450 points. 7,200/450 = 16 $5 gift card (that is $80 in Amazon gift cards per year!).

So basically you can earn the bare minimum in terms of points and still earn $80 in free gift cards in one year. Other ways to earn money include completing special offers (some are as easy as watching videos), shopping through their site (I did this once and received points. However it took a month for the points to be credited to my account), and referring friends.

Referring friends is without a doubt the fastest way to rack up points. You will get a swagbuck for every swagbuck your referral earns through INTERNET SEARCHES. Swagcodes and special offers don't earn you points through referrals. So to get points from your referrals, they have to do internet searches. Unfortunately referral points are capped at 1000, and after your referral reaches that number, you will no longer receive points from that person.

might sound complicated, but it is actually really easy once you figure out how to navigate their site and earn points. It doesn't make sense to NOT join. If you are going to be searching the internet anyways, why not earn some extra money in the process? Go sign up!

P.S. If you made it all the way to the end of this post CONGRATULATIONS! My mother is coming to visit this week. I have lots to do to get ready for her arrival, so I am taking a week off from blogging. I'll probably be around commenting, but I won't be posting. See you next week!


MK said...

Don't forget the ones you get for logging into the toolbar daily or going through the no obligation special offers daily. I usually get 2 to 4 that way a day. Not much really but adds up.

Is anyone else getting less than normal lately though? Maybe its just cause I've been busy, but I went from getting at least 450 a week to closer to the miniumum amount.

amanda said...

one of these days i will be cool enough for swagbucks - promise :)

have a happy and productive get-ready-for-mom week! will be sending you positive vibes!!

Midwest Mommy said...

Have a great visit with your mom!

Jenny said...

you know i am convinced...i just got a random 11 this morning! love it!


I have been reading about these! You talked me into it!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

You totally say it best. I seriously want to copy you word for word. But I won't. I will wait a few more days and then I planned to pump my blog again too. I LOVE Swagbucks. Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me hooked! Muah!

misguidedmommy said...

oooooooook so lets not discuss how many offers i might have just signed up for...ten insurance people have already emailed me

GhostWolf223 said...

leave yours click mine easy :P

Anonymous said...

Hi - what a cute site - good to know I'm not the only stay at home mom - sometimes it sure feels that way.

Anonymous said...

Hi - what a cute site - its great to know that I'm not the only stay at home Mom - it sure feels that way sometimes.

I have been doing Swagbucks for a few weeks now and if anyone would care to join by using my referral I'd be really grateful - Thanks Caz xx