Thursday, December 17, 2009

My crappy life

We are sick. My babies have the runniest noses you have ever seen. Snot drips like water from Izzy's nostrils. It is both incredibly disgusting and incredibly sad to witness. And the real kicker is that I am starting to feel crummy too. No one ever gives mommy a day off to rest and recuperate. Also, I have a weird rash on my hands. What the hell is that all about?Don't you feel sorry for me? Well you should, because thanks to our crappy immune systems, we are missing the opportunity to meet up with REAL LIVE blog buddies. So today, I am going to pout and cry about how horrible my life is.


Eva said...

Is it eczema? I get that in winter.

Get better!

Sorry you can't go see people! That really sucks.

Jenny said...

Hope you and the kids feel better! I am sick too and feel like crap. I hate cold and flu season. I only hope I do not pass it on to Will.

Hopefully you can meet up with your blog friends again!

Just Jiff said...

Your skin could be really dry. Try lotion, drink some water, and use a cool mist humidifier ($20 at Target) at night when you sleep. Will do wonders for your skin. :)

Bayley and I have colds too. :(

Catizhere said...

I get a weird rash-type patch on the back of my hands if I use babywipes on my hands in the winter.

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Jeninacide said...

That sucks. I feel bad for you. : )

Cole had BOTH of his flu shots a couple of days ago and has been a Whiney McWhinerton Fever BALL ever since. I got like, ZERO sleep the last couple of nights due to "Mommy I COLD. Mommy I THIRSTY. Mommy I want water. Mommy I want MILK!!!" Gah. GAHHH!


dani said...

don't pout, christy... just feel better soon!!!

amanda said...

real live blog buddies - sending well wishes and hoping everyone feels better soon!

Christina said...

Ugh looks like hand foot mouth virus (alos does cold syptoms) we fought it in the summer with all 5. Hope ya'll better soon.

allykat said...

First, let me say, I have been reading your blog for a few months. I found it when I googled 'asshole husbands'! And I am hooked and love it!

Second, I have had that rash and my husband, a former army medic, says it's eczema. It went away when i stopped scratching it. Good luck on that one.

Third, so sorry about the sick kids. I'm a 4th grade teacher and have had too many illnesses this year. My son has had none of them-go figure. At least they are not throwing up.

Rachel said...

Rashes are usually heat in the blood-which means an infection is coming out or allergic reaction..rashes can sometimes be a good thing-mean your body is working hard to fight it off but they suck and I get them too. We have funky immunes too!