Friday, December 18, 2009

The big kid

We finally did it. We (and by we, I mean John) converted Porgie's crib into a daybed (AKA - a big kid bed). I am not one of those overeager, in-tune with her baby mothers. You know, the ones who potty train at 18 months and transition to a regular bed at age 2. No, I am the mother who completely ignores the fact that her child is getting older (hence the reason that until last week, my 3 1/2 year old was unpotty trained and sleeping in a crib). I would have been perfectly content to let her sleep in her crib until she was 18 years old. Actually, I never even asked my husband to convert the crib. He took it upon himself to do it while I was grocery shopping last week.

At first I was a little weary of the whole situation, but Porgie has proven to be a super star big kid bed sleeper. She LOVES her new set-up, and she has been sleeping great. I thought she might roll out of bed, but she hasn't (so far). I have a bed rail left over from our co-sleeping days, but there isn't really any room to attach it.

Here is a picture of my big kid in her big kid bed...


Midwest Mommy said...

I only took my daughter out of the crib when she turned two because my son needed it and I didn't want to buy two.

Eva said...

You know I only took my girl out of the crib when she was nearly three because of moving logistics. It was no big deal, either. She HAS fallen out of the toddler bed a couple of times, but she went right back to sleep. Congrats on having a big kid!

Jenny said...

That is great! I think they will tell you when they are ready. She obviously liked her crib so why not.
I thought Will would have climbed out by now and jumped into my bed. Thank goodness!

Just Jiff said...


I will prob be the same way and leave Bayley in her crib forever. It's like baby jail. :)

Clare said...

YAY!! she looks so proud!

Mama Kalila said...

Aww... I keep failing on the potty training bit, but the crib had to go a long time ago... We couldn't ignore little miss climbing out lol. Congrats on moving up though & glad she's doing well w/ it!

Jeninacide said...

Nice! We just converted Cole's bed into a big kid bed- it doesn't matter though because he still sleeps WITH US. GO US! Rad parenting right there. Mmm hmmm.

Rachel said...

She looks so happy. What a big girl now!! I love it!

amanda said...

oh my gosh i can't stand the cuteness!!!

Lainey-Paney said...

Love it!

But, I will be the one to tell you: Gage fell out of his toddler bed in the middle of the night & broke his collar bone.

Don't want to buy a rail? Here's my mommy tip: Go buy one of those pool noodle floatie things. It's like a buck or two at WalMart. Put it between the mattress & the fitted sheet. It's a lot cheaper than a rail---doesn't require any assembling or damage to the bed itself, and it creates a "lip" that may not prevent her whole body from going off the edge, but just enough to work. Ya know?

It's worked for us ever since the tragic fall!

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