Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are men even capable of saving money?

My husband is an annoying creature. As you know, we are not going back to Kentucky for Christmas this year. In order to save money, I have been searching high and low for lightweight and thirty gifts. For example, I bought some really cute clearanced necklaces from Coldwater Creek. The necklaces cost less than $10 a piece, and they will be relatively inexpensive to ship.

Now my husband claimed that he wasn't going to buy his family anything for Christmas this year. I persuaded him to at least buy something for his mother and father. For weeks, he has been dragging his feet and hasn't purchased them anything. He mentioned buying gift cards, but I don't really like that idea. When you send a gift card, I feel like you have to give at least $25. That is $50 for just his mom and dad. I bought some really cute gifts for SEVEN people for a combined total of approximately $50. So obviously, my way is better - right?

I was trying to help John think of some thirty gifts this afternoon. John's mother has specifically requested chocolates in the past (and he bought her expensive ass Godiva). So, I suggested that he buy her another box of chocolates, except maybe something on the cheaper side - like Hersey Pot of Gold. He got all pissy and flat out refused to buy her cheaper chocolates. Instead, he wants to buy her buttercreams from this EXTREMELY expensive local specialty store. I wanted to scream "ASSHOLE, YOU ARE NOT SAVING MONEY WITH THIS IDEA. YOU MIGHT AS WELL SEND THE FUCKING GIFT CARD." Why are men so fucking stupid? I understand that it is the holidays and maybe I am being cheap, but I would like to spend about $200 total this Christmas. Why is he so unwilling to help out? John's mother is not a fancy woman. I can guarantee you that she would like the Hersey chocolate just as much as the fucking outrageously priced buttercreams.

Since having the argument about chocolates, we have been fighting all day. I am counting down the hours until Monday morning.


Mama Kalila said...

:-( I'm sorry...

And as someone who prefers the expensive chocolates (I can't help it I just do lol) I can honestly say I would be just as happy with the hersheys too. For one thing its the thought... and for another, its still chocolate & chocolate is a wonderful wonderful thing.

Of course it is his mom... and in my experience guys don't think straight when it comes to them. I'm kinda lucky (I suppose) because mine has issues with his, but he still pulls things like that w/ her from time to time.

amanda said...

tell hubby i will pick up a fresh made box from hershey and bring it to him...that's even better than the buttercreams!

sorry for the day-o-fighting. we have sooo been there. many days.

Jenny said...

I am so with you! What is wrong with the hershey pot of gold chocolates? Nothing. My husband is the same way. I try and look for deals and come back with gifts for several people without spending a lot of money and then he will turn around and spend what I did for one person.

Don't go to bed angry though...maybe he will realize in the morning that you are right!

Anonymous said...

What about a smaller box of the pricey stuff?

misguided mommy said...

dude i sooo have you beat

one year my husband made us buy his mom a fucking tiffany bracelet because all her friends had them and she was wearing a fake one

no wait, first she asked. she actually said I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY TIFFANY BRACELET YOU GUYS ARE BUYING IT RIGHT


I'll give you a second to let that set in

The following year the assfuck made me buy her the fucking matching fucking necklace

i win

this for the lady who bought me walmart pajamas two sizes too small and the following year bought me some stuff from costco from my kitchen that was a set, only she split the set up between me my parents and my husbands uncle


Amber said...

Men are crazy creatures! I hope the rest of your weekend wasn't filled with angry vibes :)

Just Jiff said...


Heather said...

Good luck. Hope tonight is better at your house!

dani said...

lol!!! Christmas makes us all freakin' crazy, no!!?!?