Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My amazing, beautiful, brilliant daughter

This is going to be a lame "look at how amazing my kid is" post. Sorry in advance.

A few years ago, Porgie was obsessed with crayons. She literally spent hours coloring every day. She did this for almost a year. Then suddenly she didn't care about coloring anymore. She liked to draw on her chalkboard or on her dry-erase board, but she rarely colored. Last weekend Porgie picked up her crayons and started coloring again. And I am just amazed by her skills. Look how well she stays in the lines! And look how well her colors match the actual colors of Abby! Isn't my baby girl amazing?


amanda said...

she really is amazing, beautiful and brilliant :)

great job porgie!

Eva said...

She sure is!

Mama Kalila said...

Wow, good job!

Just Jiff said...

Great job! And yes, she IS amazing, beautiful, and brilliant. :)

Jenny said...

WOW! That is pretty good. You might have a little artist on your hands!

dani said...

she really did a great job, c!!!