Monday, April 20, 2009

Household Affairs

Living room
My floors are horrendous. Seriously, I want to puke when I look at my carpets. SO GROSS. These kids have wrecked havoc on our beige carpet. Beige carpet? What the hell was I thinking? I should have invested in black carpet. Much more baby friendly. Also, my couch has several stains on the cushions. We use sippy cups exclusively. Why is everything I own stained with milk and juice? Gah.

We have too many toys. WAY TOO MANY TOYS. I just can't seem to get rid of anything. As soon as I think about tossing something, the kids suddenly start playing with it again. So we keep it. And my mother certainly isn't helping the situation. She is always sending toys. She sends lots of stuffed animals too, but my kids aren't really stuffed animal types of kids. At first, I tossed all of the stuffed animals into Porgie's closet, but we quickly ran out of space. Now I just toss them straight into the trash. I know this sounds mean, but I can't continue to collect junk. So my mother pays to ship stuffed animals from KY to NJ, and I toss them straight into the garbage. I feel bad, but what can I do? I guess I could ask her to stop sending them, but that seems rude. Plus, she probably wouldn't listen to me anyways.

My bathroom is really ugly. It is painted this strange green color, which I think is horrible. John, on the other hand, thinks it looks great. I really want to paint the bathroom grey, but I lack the time and energy required to complete this project.

Since having the room painted in Februaury, I have developed a fondness for my outdated kitchen. I kind of like my 1970's yellow backsplash. However, I DO NOT like my yellow formicha countertops. I have been trying to convince John to have the countertops replaced. He thinks it is a waste of money since we are going to replace the entire kitchen in a few years. I just hate waiting. I want the kitchen to look better NOW.

Okay, I am done complaining about my house. Thanks for lending an ear. Are you working on any projects around the house?


Anonymous said...

We renovate homes, so we're always doing something.

Don't throw the toys away, donate them to the children's ward at a hospital.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I have given up. The walls look horrible but if I paint them again it will maybe last a day (3 years ago I paid $1300) to have a huge portion of the house painted now it looks like the house has never been painted a 10 handed monster went psycho on the walls. Ugh! Are you sure you aren't writing about my life, lol

Jiff said...

My house seems to be in constant renovation. It would be done faster if we had the time and money. :(

I hate my kitchen cabinets. They were awful before and we couldn't afford to replace them so we sanded them down (what a HUGE pain in the ass and a big mess) and stained them a dark brown, almost black. They look better, but I still hate them.

And I'm with Kristin H....donate the stuffed animals to a children's ward or emergency room.

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That is soo funny, we totally think alike. I have all of these issues right now too. I am weeding through kids toys in my free time today. Fun.

Jeninacide said...

LOL! My mom sends toys all the time too. And they are never a small stuffed animal type of toy, either. She sends like BIG TOYS. That take up space. Lots of space. My living room has become nothing but a toy covered play room... as Cole grows out of toys I am forced to keep them "for the next one" so every single storage space and closet in our house is overflowing with toys Toys TOYS!

Clare said...

we are actually waiting on the list from the home inspection since we just sold our house a few weeks ago...i know there will be a list, and I am not looking forward to it!!

Dana said...

we just moved recently so we have been doing tons of improvements around the house.. I feel like I need to take 1 thing at a time and go from there... So we'll see..

PS- stop by the blog, I'm having a giveaway :)

Mama Kalila said...

Is there someplace you can donate the toys? That's what I would do... I'm planning to go through ours and pass them along to friends soon, just finding the time is crazy.

Laura McIntyre said...

We are just finishing decroating out place to put it on the market so its looking good , boring (basically all neutral) but decent and clean.

We got rid of so many toys to , why do kids need so much rubbish?

dani said...

christy, i feel your pain... i am actually in the middle of cleaning out all my kitchen cabinets (i want to paint them but cannot decide whether to heat gun them first or sand them???)
good luck on the stains... resolve usually works pretty well for me:)
dani xxxx

Brenda said...

Your husband sounds so much like mine - why make something look better now when the whole thing can be replaced in 10 years??!!

I think I saw on a HGTV show where they painted the formica counter - may be an easy solution? Ofcourse, I have a list of easy solutions that I'm just too darn lazy to do!

MommyGeekology said...

So, like, 75% of that list happens/happened at our house/apartment, too.

Darn kids.