Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fat ass

I am in a downward spiral. My eating has been completely out-of-control lately. I have been binging on candy and cookies, taking second helpings at dinner, and finishing the night with a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. I can literally feel myself getting fatter by the second. I know it sounds goofy, but I honestly feel helpless. I am hungry all the time. Izzy has almost completely stopped nursing, so maybe my hormones are out of whack? I just feel so horrible about myself and my behavior. Gah.

And to make matters worse, everyone keeps giving my children candy. Our neighbor just gave us ANOTHER chocolate bunny. In case you were wondering, it was delicious:( I literally have NO willpower when it comes to sweets. If they are in the house, I just keep eating them. I suck.


Marni's Organized Mess said...

Did you read my post on sugar??? I wasn't kidding, it's a SERIOUS addiction, your body NEEDS it when it starts. Then you eat it, it wants more, it keeps going.

I can promise, hard as hell as it is, if you can make it three days without sugar and simple carbs, you can turn it down. Then slowly reintroduce it.

I have no willpower. I swear. I know how it works now though, it's just another thing doing it.

If it makes you feel any better yesterday I ate:

a bag of tootsie rolls
3 small cadbury cream eggs
a few jelly beans
a container (3 ROWS!!!) of peeps
a bite of a spongebob crabby patty

and I am CERTAIN I am forgetting something.

I plan to post soon, but today I have rocked again. Tomorrow will be hard, and then I have to make it through Saturday and I will be back on the tracks.

Damn sugar. Damn it. Damn it.

Bon said...

i'm struggling with this too...and Marni's right about sugar. it's deadly.

but i can't seem to function without it right now, and Easter was brutal.

umm...if you think there's something hormonal going on you may also want to get your thyroid checked?

or maybe we could all just wake up tomorrow madly in love with celery sticks?

Midwest Mommy said...

Easter has killed me. I was doing so good and now my kids baskets are almost empty...they've had two pieces.

Jeninacide said...

My problem isn't so much sugar as just CARBS. I need them 10X a day. I lose the will to live when I do not have them. Willpower is a beast.

Amanda said...

I totally understand how your feeling!
Having 4 kids you can imagine the sheer amount of chocolate i'm trying to stay away from!

A x

Clare said...

i totally hear you! we were looking at houses last night online and chris and were just downing starburst jellybeans (which are soooo good by the way!) i felt so sick afterwards!

Anonymous said...

I found a jelly bean on the floor last night while vacuuming. I ate it. I'm pretty sure it was safe since I had vacuumed the night before & I didn't see it there so it could only have been under the coffee table for approx. 4.5 hours.
Joe then tells me that there is a box of mini charleston chews on top of the fridge for his lunch box....after he went to bed, I ate half of it. screw him. You can't tell me that there is candy in the house and expect me NOT to eat it...

Christy said...

Omg me too. Seriously. I suck too. I wish I had inspirations words for you -looks like we should both head over to marni's for some advice on how to avoid sugar.

Danielle said...

I am still craving jelly beans but I refuse to buy anymore. Luckily, ice cream has been making me sick. You need a sugar detox ASAP!

Jiff said...

Ugh. Yeah, it's a nasty spiral isn't it? Holidays are AWFUL because they are always full of FOOD and SWEETS. And with kids, you get extra sweets. It's a no-win situation.

I have gotten better lately but not out of the woods by any stretch.

Tabitha said...

You could be describing me in this post ha ha !
That is exactly what I used to be like ~ then something just clicked in my head one day and I stopped and took control again!
I still have zero willpower on occasions and the 3 million easter eggs that are floating around the house are just killing me ha ha !
Love and hugs Tab XXXX

dani said...

i suck, too:/

iMommy said...

Oh, I am right there. I eat all the candy. I am terrible.

I have to do the shopping and refuse to buy it, otherwise I eat everything in sight.

Anonymous said...

You know.....I did the same thing when I stopped nursing Zander. And I really haven't gotten much better about it either. Dang! Now I made myself feel worse! :(

Laura McIntyre said...

All i can say it right there with you and it makes me sick , i think of the amount of crap i can eat in one day and want to cry. I just have no willpower and keep coming up with excuses.

I hope it passes for both of us soon

Eva said...

Right now I am not into sweets so much but fast food. It's a weird addiction. Basically it's a reaction to eating really healthily for what turned out to be a dead fetus, plus we are busy. I feel I deserve to eat easy, crappy, filling food. Anyway these phases come and go. I'm sure you'll move out of this one soon!