Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jingle blah blah blah

Christmas is fast approaching, but it still feels like November here in Cakerwakerville. We didn't put up our tree this year. We had intentions of decorating the tree, but then Puppy got sick. We didn't really feel like being festive that weekend. The next weekend was action packed with Christmas pictures and home improvement projects. And this past weekend it just seemed silly to put up the tree, because we are leaving for KY in a few days. So it doesn't feel very Christmasy here. Instead, it just feels BLAH.

In addition to feeling blah, our trip home is becoming more hectic by the hour. We have so many plans with other people, that I am concerned that we are going to run ourselves ragged. And my mother is already being a pain in my ass. She keeps whining about wanting to spend quality time with her grandbabies. I understand that she wants to bond with Izzy and Porgie, but we cannot spend the entire trip holed up in her apartment. She is so incredibly frustrating.

I am also worried about how our trip is going to impact breastfeeding. I know this sounds silly, but I am fearful that Izzy won't nurse during our trip. And I am not sure I am ready to wean yet. Actually, I know that I am not ready to wean. I am bringing my breastpump, and I fully intend to pump if he refuses to nurse. This is just one more thing to stress about.

And to top everything off, we are getting sick. Izzy is super fussy, and I feel like crud. And I am sure that Porgie will be sick tomorrow.

Did I mention that we are leaving for KY on Saturday morning?


jen said...

guess what? i bet her nurses ... more.
that's what my kids always did (do) when confronted with a new and different situation.
it makes them feel secure, i think.
i've always found traveling to be easier with a child that is nursing, than a child that has been weaned! because the child that has been weaned is more hyper-aware of their environment ... especially at night-time.
just my two cents!
can't wait to hear about your travels!

Mama Smurf said...

Better to get the cold viruses out of the way now before you leave than to be sick during your vacation. Get healthy!

Mama Kalila said...

I hope everything goes well... I bet he'll be fine nursing on the trip. We haven't gone quite that far away, but even our West TX trip Kalila did fine w/ it.

On the weaning subject... Jas commented the other day about how Kalila is nursing less and may start weaning herself. I about cried! I am so not ready either. I really want her to make it to 2 years (and will pump if I have too but I hate doing that). Thankfully she isn't doing it quite yet, and while there are slow days, there are also good ones like this morning :-)

It's been hard getting Christmassy here too. Not as bad as last year... we do have our tree up, but like last year it's not decorated. I started out more excited about it all though, and things not getting done brought it down a lot. We did make cookies last weekend though and that helped.

Lainey-Paney said...

I ditto jen.
I bet he finds nursing to be soothing, and something "stable" in a sea of new stuff...

Eva said...

I think this is Sick Week. I bet you'll be allll better by Sunday.

Best wishes with the rest of it.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Hmmm. Maybe you need to do something festive before you leave to get into the holiday spirit. I suggest a drive through one of those neighborhoods that goes crazy with light displays (every area has one). At the very least it will give you a well needed laugh.

Midwest Mommy said...

oh good luck, you do have your hands full.

dani said...

gosh, christy, i hope you are feeling better before your trip!!! i think you will be pleasantly surprised with iz and his nursing:)
take care!!!
ps have fun juggling the family, UGH!!!

Jiff said...

Good luck with the trip. And hope you all get better soon.

We just put our tree up yesterday because of all the tiling and painting we've been doing. We still have a ton of decorating to do. I told hubby we were keeping it up until New Years since we got it up so late. hehe.

amanda said...

oh how i remember traveling for the holidays - going home from nyc was sooo stressful!! the calendar always seemed to be overflowing with people and places.

but you will be fine friend. it will all be worth it - and then when you come home after the big hurrah, you will LOVE being home more than you thought possible!!

safe and happy travels :)

Amanda said...

I hope you all get well for next week. Being sick sucks, especially at this time of year.
Take Care and i'm sure Izzy will feed just fine.
Amanda x

Missy Marshmallow said...

All will be good. I am sure your trip will run more smoothly than you anticipate.

Tabitha said...

We are leaving for my Mums on Sunday and we are in a state of mild panic here too ha ha !!
Hope that you all feel ok for the trip!!
Love and hugs XXXXX

Anonymous said...

Ok, calm down.....breathe...quit stressing....get some sleep!!!! I know....easier said than done. I hope you guys aren't sick on your trip!!!

Dana said...

i'm sorry you're not feeling very Christmasy... I bet once your in KY with your family celebrating you'll be in the Spirit!!!

Nellie said...

oh man. i hope things go better than you're thinking they will. get a dvd player yet? ours just broke or i'd sent it to you to borrow... sorry.

we didn't put up a tree either... just a tiny one that is about the size of Ellie.

chris said...

I hope you have a great trip and the car ride goes well! Get the sickness out of the way now... And good luck with your ma - I can relate.

iMommy said...

It sounds like you're prepared for the worst - Hope this is one of those times that you are pleasantly surprised that it goes so well.

Carrie said...

Take a deep breath girl! Don't worry about Christmasie at home, remember that everyone you are going to go see will be done-up. Just think, you can get your house as clean and neat as possible before you leave, then you will come home to a clean house and you won't have to put away all the Christmas stuff. Big bonus points in my book!!!