Thursday, December 11, 2008

Complaints, updates, and questions

I bought a fancy new laptop shortly before Izzy was born. It had a one year warranty. Last month the warranty expired. And this month my computer is all screwy.

This is what my computer looks like sometimes...
And the next minute it looks like this...Damn stupid computer.

On the sleep front, things are improving. The first few nights, Izzy woke up three time per night. He cried for about 5 to 10 minutes at each wake-up. For the last two nights, he has only woke up once! Holy crap! I actually got 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep last night! I feel wonderful! I am keeping my fingers crossed that this trend continues.

We leave for Kentucky next weekend. I am scared shitless. We have to drive for hours and hours and hours with two BABIES. Before we had kids, it took us 10 hours to drive from NJ to KY. I am not sure how long it is going to take us this time, but I am fairly confident that it is going to take at least 13 hours. Any advice or words of wisdom? We are driving during the day, so the kids will be awake for the majority of the trip. Please tell me how to make the drive bearable.


Lisa said...

I hate when my laptop acts up. I go into super defrag mode when that happens and clear out so many things and restart the thing like a million times, although it almost never helps. If this stupid laptop wasnt my lifeline I would throw it out the window, hard.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that I passed on an award to you on Tuesday. My bad.

All these B's and Me! said...

OH shit, don't tell me that! I have the EXACT same computer I bought last march... OH NO!!!!

Mama Smurf said...


amanda said...

sorry about the latptop - that was actually going to be one of my suggestions...bring it plus some baby einstein or whatever other baby "crack" the kids love.

i know the dvd's have saved our you know what on our road trips.

sending you happy road travel vibes!!

Amanda said...

I'm just lucky that my husband is an I.T expert! If we lived closer i would get him to have a look at it.
I hope that Izzy continues to be a good boy and sleep right through!
The drive won't be too bad (hopefully!) The kids might get bored and fall asleep! The drive will be worth it though.
Amanda x

Lainey-Paney said...

portable dvds
frequent stops so the kids can ruuuuuuun around.

dani said...

my last computer did that, christy, it had some kind of a short in the wiring... pissed me off, too!!! that's why i have the one now on which the warranty expires the day after Christmas, ugh!!!
yea!!! for 6 hours of sleep:D that is totally awesome; may it continue:P
and, finally about your trip home... the first long trip i took with katherine was when she was 2. we drove to florida (10 hours), and she never got out of her carseat. honestly i think that was the trick. i was so afraid that she would not want to get back in that we just kept going. of course, she was not potty trained, so that wasn't an issue. but, she never asked to get out (had she, we would have stopped), and we just did the drive thru for breakfast and lunch, stopped for gas and kept going.
on the way back, we had a diaper situation that HAD to be taken care of right then. so, we stopped, i changed her dirty diaper in the back seat, returned her to her carseat and picked her up something to play with at the gas station.
no problems!!!
good luck:D

Christina said...

Good minds think alike we have identical laptops, but mine has never done that sorry can't help you on that front now must go chase down toddler wreaing havic with her sisters art creation (the one made with popcorn packing thingys)

Dana said...

Save your sanity...drink coffee and DRIVE AT NIGHT WHILE THEY SLEEP :) Take it from someone who would make the drive from Florida to Arkansas--17 hours!!

Dooneybug said...

That looks like the same laptop my husband has. He got his at Best Buy early this year. Maybe it's your video card?

Oh and by the way, we are traveling from MN to VA next week too! We are leaving at 5:00 AM next Friday. It's a total of 19 hours but we are stopping overnight so that the kids don't go bonkers. Do you have a DVD player you can hook up in the car? That's one thing we are doing. Also books and snacks and bring a ball so you can get out at rest stops and run around a little bit. Also stopping for lunch at a fast food place with a play area would be good for the kids. I'd suggest a couple toys but those usually don't last long in our car before they toss them off to the side. Hopefully they'll sleep for you some too. Good luck!

Tabitha said...

Oh dear ~ your laptop sure is fuzzy ~ I hate it when that happens ~ the warranty ends and bang it goes!
When we go to my Mums at christmas ~ it takes us about 5 hours and that is bad enough ~ I always make sure that I have plenty to keep them occupied and of course we have to make LOTS of stops along the way.
I hope it all goes well
love and hugs XXXX

Jenn said...

Ok, I guess I missed it...I thought now you weren't going because you didn't have a place to stay. Hope you have a nice time while your there !

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no! I swear that always happens to me to. Seriously do they program them to break if you don't buy the warranty.

Dana said...

damn you electronics!!! stuff like that bothers me soo bad cause I have no control of it!! I hope it straightens itself out for you!!!

Danielle said...

Thats tinks! I went through two laptops in colege! I wish i had some advice for the car. A portable DVD plaer perhaps?

Eva said...

Xter says you should reload your graphics driver and see if that helps. Call me when he's home sometime if that doesn't work because he might be able to help.

As for the car, my advice is to drive through the night (sorry). Also, food.

moo said...

lots of stops ... someone recommended long breaks around mealtimes.

a portable DVD player

can you drive at night at all? If you leave after dinner, say around 6, then you get in around 4 am. If either of you can manage that in two chunks, it may not be too bad. Or even driving from 6-1 or 2, staying the night in a hotel, and then doing the last 2 hours (or so) the next morning.

Becks said...

Awesome on the sleeping front!!!
I am actually getting some sleep too these last few days, amazing how human I feel again!

I have no words of wisdon about the driving with kids thing yet..can you give them some gravol and drug them up? Oops did I just type that out loud?

Nellie said...

we have a dvd system for Ellie. she loves it and watches her movies with no whining and complaining. i totally suggest one of those... keep the snacks on hand... the thing that has kept me sane lately when driving a distance is that she LOVES seeing all the Chistmas lights.

sorry bout the laptop. that sucks.

Anonymous said...

Stupid computers!

I'm sorry, I've got nooo advice for you. I'm scared to death to drive very far with Zander yet. We will drive to visit family on Christmas which is only 2 hours away....and that is seriously far enough for me.

Take movies maybe....on a portable dvd player? Benadryl (just I'm not...pack it in case)

Just don't be stressed....I swear kids can smell fear!!!

Have a great trip!!! :)

Clare said...

good luck, i HATE driving with bradley in the car, he never sleeps and is always totally fussy, fun stuff. i usually go and buy a ton of crap from the dollar store and hand it back to him as he gets upset! will be sending the traveling gods your way:)