Monday, October 29, 2007

Sick baby

In case you were wondering, I am feeling a lot better today. Porgie, on the other hand, isn't doing so well. She has a cough and very runny nose. My poor little girl walks around the house whining and crying approximately 90% of the day. I feel bad for her.

Due to her illness, it appears that Porgie has completely lost her appetite. Today she ate a cup of yogurt and 12 french fries. I offered her 3 or 4 different options for both dinner and lunch, but she only wanted french fries. Of course, this is driving me INSANE. At first, she eagerly accepted the food that I offered. She shoved the food in her mouth, chewed it up, and spit it out. She did this with honey dew melon, tofu hot dogs, vegetarian meatballs, pasta noodles, and veggie pot pie.

I am still a complete amateur when it comes to caring for a sick baby. Porgie has only been sick a few times, and most of them were relatively minor. I feel so helpless and unsure of how to help her. She cries when she coughs. She cries when I wipe her nose. She cries when I offer her food. She is just so miserable, and I am just so miserable.

Tomorrow is the Halloween parade at Story time. I have been looking forward to this parade for weeks. Now, I am not even sure Porgie should go. Yet at the same time, I feel like she might enjoy herself if we get out of the house. But then again, she might get all the other kids sick. Ugh.

So, wise Internet people, what do sick babies like to eat? And should sick babies be isolated to the house?


Eva said...

My baby has been sick and also hasn't been eating so much (of course maybe that's because of all the milk she insists on drinking in the middle of the night, but anyway). I just keep offering. As for going out and about, it sounds like you both have had a period of invalidism. I say go out and have fun (to the best of your abilities). As for the runny-nose, I have to brag that Baby Nora has mostly caught on to nose-blowing! And I am keeping Vasline under her nose to keep it from getting raw. Poor little bunnies with runny noses!

Suz said...

1) Go out...absolutely. Try to keep her away from other kids, but go out.

2) When they're sick, mine regress completely to Bottles and Bottles ONLY. Milk is about it.

Em said...

Get some fresh air but try not to share her germs.... thats about all i can say. I am like you Billy is rarely ill and if he is its very minor

Rachel said...

vegetarian sick babies need miso soup, some warm oatmeal and bannana. Maybe she would drink some warm apple juice. milk, yogurt. Toast with jam. Maybe even some yummy vegan grahm crackers.

Go out if you think she is not horribly sick. You can also buy astralagus and echinacea drops at whole foods!!

Rachel said...

For babies that the baby section.

Misguided Mommy said...

my sick baby eats chocolate milk and that is it

It's not about the badge! said...

No good for Porgie to be sick on Halloween! If it helps, E has been feeling like poo as well. Lots of the same whiney, crying, clingy stuff that you are going through.

Try and have a happy halloween!

Anonymous said...

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