Sunday, April 29, 2012

Let's talk about the kids

I realized that I didn't actually explain the implant process in my last post.  Basically, the doctor inserted three screw thingies (yes, that is the technical term) into my jaw.  Then the doctor stitched the incisions and sent me home.  In 4 months I'll go back and the doctor will place a post on top of each screw thingie.  Then my regular dentist will fit a crown on top of the post.  So, hopefully my upper teeth will be completely finished by late this summer.

Moving on.  My baby boy is in the golden age of babyhood right now.  He is just so delightful to be around!  He is giggly and smiley and affectionate.  He can't crawl yet, so I get to cuddle with him on my lap most of the day.  He imitates noises and sounds that we make (he is currently obsessed with the kiss sound).  I just love this little guy to pieces.

My daughter is quickly approaching her 6th birthday.  SIX YEARS OLD!  She is an amazing kid.  She reads, she writes, she adds, she subtractions.  She is smart and curious and just generally excited about everything in life.  Lately we have been working on subtraction with borrowing, and it astounds me that she actually understands these concepts.  Porgie loves learning.  The child will beg me to let her do phonics or math or whatever.   Little weirdo.

In stark contrast to his sister, Izzy isn't really a pencil and paper type of kid.  Instead, my big boy like to run and jump and climb!  Unlike Porgie, Izzy will actually play with his toys.  He is currently obsessed with Transformers, Luigi (you know, Mario's brother), and Link (from Legend of Zelda).  He spends most of his day running around the house with a sword and a shield.  His creativity and enthusiasm is boundless.

My kids and I have been having loads of fun lately.  We have really hit our stride in the last few weeks.


antropologa said...

You are very fortunate! I know you know that, of course.

amanda said...

those are some edible, wonderful kids you got there mama :)

Anth said...

Your kids are adorabiddle! Haha

I too am greatly enjoying this phase of my baby's life. No crawling, and so cheerful and fun! Today Baby C would randomly crow at the top of her lungs just for the heck of it. It was hilarious. And ear-piercing!

Clare said...

love the picture of the baby!! sweet squishy face:)

Chris said...

Your kids are adorable! And so glad you have been having good times with them all. I'm looking forward to summer to do the same!