Friday, April 6, 2012

I can no longer nag my husband

Remember when I wrote that post about my husband getting a speeding ticket?  I jinxed myself, and got a fucking ticket this morning.  GAH!  It was my first ticket.  Like EVER.  I am pretty devastated about the whole thing.  My good record is forever tarnished.


allyk said...

Oh I am sorry. :(

Good records should never be tarnished. They should have cut you a break.

May said...

Youre so funny,,,, listen you'll laugh at this in 5 years time I PROMISE,,,,Its ok,,, dont worry, as long as youre all safe,,, it couldve been worse,,, as long as you, your hubby, your babies are safe,,, thats all that matters,,, Have a great Easter weekend.

amanda said...

oh dude that sucks. like for real. and i totally know the feeling. i didn't get my first one till i was like 28!! and my hubs had probably already had 28 total! but man did it suck!

antropologa said...


I've had maybe every time!