Wednesday, April 11, 2012

complaints about naps

Sleep.  My ongoing saga with sleep.  Will I ever stop talking about it?

Guppy seems to be in nap limbo right now.  He is having trouble settling down for his third nap, which usually occurs around 4:30pm.  When he skips this nap, he is miserable by 5:30.  But I can't put him down for the night at 5:30.  That is right in the middle of dinner and additionally, I think that would produce a 5 or 6am wake-up time (call me crazy, but I am more of a 7 or 8am kind of girl).  So, I have the lovely task of keeping him up until 6:30 or 7:00pm.  Pure torture.

On the days when he actually does take the third nap at 4:30pm, he can't seem to settle down and go to sleep at 8:00pm.  His bedtime on those nights is closer to 9pm.  Ugh.  I'd rather have him go to bed around 7pm, so I have been trying to cut out the last nap and use Moxie's 2-3-4 schedule.  The problem is that he doesn't take long naps, which results in a bedtime of 5 or 5:30pm if I follow that schedule, and that just isn't possible.  This is just a phase and it will pass, but I feel like I am torturing the poor child by keeping him awake for so long.

Look at my BIG baby!  I can't believe he is ready for just two naps a day.  He is growing and changing so fast.


allyk said...

He is so darn cute!!! I hope this phase passes quickly for you.

antropologa said...

I bet he'll be down to two naps soon! Mine is doing great on two naps now.

Anth said...

You could put him to bed at 5:30 one night and see what happens. Baby C actually goes to bed at that time, and she sleeps until 7-7:30 am.

Jenny said...

He is a total cutie! I hear you on this whole 3rd is hit or miss here too. When he takes it, he is great and can make it to 7:00. But, when he misses it I find myself trying to entertain him with walks outside or an extra long bath!

amanda said...

i had no idea when i became a mama that sleep and naps and lack there of, would literally rule my world.

ps - he is way cute.